Fat transfer out of balance, overfilled top of cheeks, options?

I had fat transfer approx 1 yr ago. I think it looks overfilled, like a bridge just below my mid/outer eye & out of balance with the rest of my face/bit weird.Under eye wrinkles look worse. Dr suggests lipodissolve,I'm uncertain? Poss Bleph/fat excision? Live with it? Suggestions for a more balanced look appreciated.

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? too much fad added to her ch

This is not easy to assess when, as in the photos the eyes are covered. However, it may not be that your cheeks have been overfilled, rather that the usual gradual transition from the cheek to the eyelid is rather abupt.
It is likely that the correction is to perform lower lid surgery to reduce the excess thin and lax skin of the lower eyelids.
As the same time, it may be beneficial to lift the top of the cheek through the same surgical approach.
You would need to be assessed in person to confirm that this advice is indeed the best for you.

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