Is it normal for the area around my stitches to be pink?

I am now one week and one day post-op rhinoplasty and I noticed the skin around my stitches is pink. Is this normal?

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Hi Ivizcaino23! Yes it is completely normal to see redness around your stitches. It is your body's reaction of healing and will fade with time. However, you could also be experiencing a possibly infection. If you are still concerned, please follow up with your surgeon. I wish you the best of luck!

Redness around sutures in rhinoplasty

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Dear ivizcaino23

Thank you for the question. 

  • As your body heals, the pink color is a normal reaction of healing.
  • You should discuss with your surgeon at your post op.
  • Expect the redness to fade as your body's inflammation decreases. 

Best Wishes 

Pink skin surrounding sutures

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Pink color to the skin surrounding your sutures is common after surgery.  This likely represents a normal response and will resolve with time. However, it could also be possible that you are developing an infection or contact allergy (if you are applying any ointment or lotion to the area).  For precaution, I suggest you contact your surgeon for evaluation.

Is It Normal For The Area Around My Stitches To Be Pink?

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Wherever on the human body an incision is made, especially on light skinned individuals, the body sets up a little factory to heal the wound that was created.  The factory needs oxygen to heal the wound.  The oxygen is brought to the area by a new set of capillaries that are created specifically for wound healing.  These capillaries showing through light skin give a pinkish hue to the incision, and this light pink color may last up to 6 months as that is the amount of time it takes for wounds to be completely healed.

So the short answer to your question is, don't worry.  This is completely normal.


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The pink color on the scar and around them is from the blood going trough the area to heal the incision, it is normal to get this pink color, that may last from 2 to 3 months, before fades, and this because the healing process takes this much time, before the inflammation on the scar goes away.

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