Chin implant removal. I am having my chin implant removed next week. 1st time was along with rhino/Bichectomy then it shifted?

Revision surgery was a success but I know I can't live with a foreign object and I don't look like myself. Doctor let me know he will used local anesthesia and iv sedation because he will need to shave my bone a little for the skin to reattach back and avoid my skin from hanging. Does this sound right? I am reading about sutures and taping my jaw to help with that afterwards but he didnt mention it. I am 41 and I had the medium silicon implant for exactly 45 days. Any info will be appreciated.

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Removal of chin implant

I am not sure that bone removal is necessary with every implant removal? However, large implant may stretch soft tissue significantly even in a short time (45 days in your case).This is simple procedure and it can be done in local anesthesia. You should discuss this part of procedure with your surgeon as well as alternatives. Good luck.

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Chin implant removal

Lily, first of all, best of luck.  Removing chin implants is not particularly difficult, and doing so under local anesthesia just requires patience from the patient, as well as a competent doc.  It sounds like you are in good hands.  As far as what to expect post op - your chin will swell quite a bit.  thinning the bone, elevating the tissue 45 days after it had been lifted already, all these things will cause your swelling to be quite significant.  Sometimes it can last longer than the primary surgery.  Taping helps decrease the amount of swelling you get initially, but, truth is that the swelling will go away at some point.  I personally like using it.  That being said, run it by your doc and see what works best in his hands.  I hope some of this helps! 

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