I broke my nose when I was younger. Over the years as I got older, my nose has now grown crooked. Will my insurance cover this?

I Never went to the hospital for the broken nose. Theres a Bone on the top of my nose that sticks out. Will insurance cover for the surgery even if I didn't go to hospital when I was younger. What doctor will help me with this? I always have a running nose Can a plastic surgeon fix the part of the bone that sticks out and it being crooked with insurance covering it?

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Cosmetic rhinoplasty procedure for crooked nose

Unfortunately, there is no medical necessity for a crooked nose, therefore medical insurance does not  pay for it. For more information and many before and after examples including our current price list for crooked nose repair, please see the link and the video below

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Will Insrance Company Cover Cost to Fix Brokn Nose?

While every  policy is different most insurance companies will consider the cost of the correction of functional problems caused by previous trauma. However, answers  to these questions can be very very confusing to the average consumer. My staff always helps our patients communicate with their insurance companies.

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Insurance coverage of nasal surgery

In some cases insurance covers open reduction of nasal and septal fracture. However that does not address any tipplasty, alarplasty, hump reduction. It only pays for breaking the nasal bones and resetting them to make a crooked nose relatively straight. You should always check with your insurance before you schedule such surgery.RegardsDr. J

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Nasal fracture

Insurance will only cover airway problems and probably acute trauma like a proven acute nasal fracture. you can contact your insurance company to see what k ind of coverage they offer.

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Insurance coverage for rhinoplasty

Insurance companies vary in their coverage.  Some require evidence of an ER visit and x-rays at the time of injury.  The odds are they will not cover it if you cannot provide the documents.  However, your doctor's office can call or write a letter of "medical necessity" to try to get you covered.  Good Luck!

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Thank you for your question.
Generally, if something on the inside of the nose that causes you to have symptoms such as chronic runny nose, snoring, trouble breathing etc are deemed medically necessary to correct and can be covered by insurance. Anything on the outside or the “appearance” of the nose such as a hump or bulbous tip, is considered cosmetic and will be self pay. I would recommend going to see and ENT specialist and having them refer you to a board certified plastic surgeon so they can perform a nasal examination and give you their opinion.
Best of luck in your endeavors!

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Crooked nose/ Insurance

Thanks for your question. Generally speaking your insurance will cover any issue that affects the function of your nose, meaning how well you can breathe through your nose. They generally do not cover cosmetic issues of the nose or how the nose appears. There can be some crossover in some situations and your surgeon may be able to get things covered particularly if they are willing to speak to the insurance company personally. I would recommend that you seek out an experienced nasal surgeon, perhaps even an ENT/ Facial plastic surgeon as they are often very attuned to the particular needs of a reconstructive nasal patient. Hope this helps.

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Insurance coverage

Thanks for your question. An operation to fix the appearance of your nose after a trauma may be covered by insurance, depending on your plan. My suggestion would be to have your family doctor refer you to a board certified plastic surgeon to get a surgical opinion. All the best.

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