Open roof deformity or swelling?

I had a large nose hump removed almost 3 weeks ago. I'm not sure if the ps narrowed my nose because it looks really wide now! I used to have a narrow nose! Do I have a open roof deformity or is this just swelling?

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Open roof

This is very normal and does not appear to be an open roof. Ultimately by taking the hump down your nose may have the illusion of being wider since on profile it is lower without the same type of "apex".  You have to start viewing yourself in these new terms and not trying to see if what you have is the same as before. Be patient as you are many months away from seeing the final result.

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Open roof deformity or swelling?

Although it is early in the post-op period- your assessment may be correct. Your dorsal aesthetic line does appear wider than intended. Only an in person physical exam can determine if you indeed have an open roof deformity. If you do- this can be corrected.

Thomas Trevisani, Sr., MD
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Rhinoplasty healing

dsaarr,        I think it is likely too soon to say if there is any sort of open roof deformity.  At 3 weeks, it is fairly common to have some residual swelling in the area that can make the nose appear wider than it really is.  Further, if a large hump was removed, it will take some time for the skin that was covering the large hump to adjust.  That being said, open roof deformity is a known complication after removing large humps.  This is best avoided by performing osteotomies, when indicated, as well as careful treatment of the middle third of the nose.  I would check with your surgeon to see what was done, and keep close contact during the recovery period.

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