Swelling isn't going down after 3 months; anything I can do? Can ptosis overcorrection be repaired after 3 months? (Photos)

Hi doctors,my eyes are messed up,I'm so sad.I had a primary surgery(incisional double eyelid surgery and ptosis surgery)in mid June , few days later follow by a revision surgery. After revision my surgeon left 2 incisions on my left eye and my right eye was over-corrected and peaked shape.It's been 3 months,my swelling isn't going down.and they are still in pain. Is there anything I can do?My right eye is peaked,can its ptosis overcorrection be repaired in the future? Or is it too late for me?

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Revision eyelid surgery

Best to see an oculoplastic surgeon for evaluation. It is unlikely that things will change now that is 3 months after surgery. Revision surgery may be possible.

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