Should I avoid rubbing my eyelid for the rest of my life after ptosis surgery?

My doctor told me don't rubbing my eyes after surgery but didn't say for how long, should I avoid it for the rest of my life?

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Rubbing your eyes after eyelid surgery (ptosis)

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In general, yes, it is best to avoid rubbing eyes after any eyelid surgery in particular ptosis.Best of luckChase Lay, MD

Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Sorry, I do not recommend that patients to massage an eyelid 1 week after surgery unless there is a very specific reason

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Yes rubbing eyelids is very bad for eyelids and eyes.  We think eye rubbing brakes down connective tissue.  Rubbing the eyelid too early after surgery tears the surgery apart.  As I noted there is a place for massage when needed is certain circumstances.  However, it is a mistake to encourage every patient to massage their eyelid after surgery.  Regarding occasionally rubbing an eyelid, this is pretty harmless.  Persistent and aggressive eyelid rubbing - harmful.  

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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Rubbing the eye after ptosis Surgery

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I tell my patients to avoid aggressively rubbing their eye for 6 weeks after ptosis repair.  This gives the muscle time to completely heal so that there is no chance of doing any damage.

Rubbing eyes after surgery

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that's a long time to avoid rubbing your eyes! In my practice, I actually have patients start massaging their eyelids at 1 week post op after eyelids surgery. This helps with the post op itching that patients often get. I don't know exactly what you had done, but in general, scar tissue has set in and at full strength by 1 month post op and there should not be any way that you can "mess up" your results by that point. 

Eyelid rubbing after ptosis surgery

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That is an excellent question. First, I would ask your surgeon. In general we advise that patients not rub their eyes or sleep on the operated side or stomach for several weeks after surgery (usually up to a month) to avoid either opening the incision or causing the muscle repair to come apart. After that eyelid rubbing, if it is vigorous and/or frequent, can cause the ptosis to recur because it can cause the muscle to pull back from it's normal anatomical position. This is how I advise my patents. I do suggest you ask this of your surgeon,

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