Question about taking a Z-pack (steroid) for facial swelling after fat grafting and laser on acne scars.

I am so happy with the results in my skin and I trust my doctor's judgment, but I am very worried about how chubby my cheeks appear now. It has been 2 weeks since my operation and my cheeks are unattractively large, specifically when I smile. I liked she shape of my face before and now it is basically just a big circle (very bottom-heavy) Are they so big due to the fat transfer under my scarring OR is it just swollen? Is there any chance of a Z-pack effecting the fat grafting under scars?

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A-Pack or Steroid after Fat Grafting and Laser

Thank you for your inquiry.  First of all a Z-Pack is not a steroid.  They are two totally different medicines.  A Z-Pack is an antibiotic.  If you don't have an infection you shouldn't use antibiotics.  Second steroids are not indicated to treat normal swelling.  You are only 2 weeks out and should expect swelling in addition to the extra fat. The best treatment is tincture of time.  Follow your surgeons instructions and be patient.

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Fat Transfer Results, Are They Permanent?

Swelling due to fat transfer can take a few weeks to resolve. I suggest giving it some time and then following up with your physician if you are still concerned. A Z pack will have no influence on facial swelling or fat survival. Best, Dr. Emer

Jason Emer, MD
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Facial fullness after fat transfer

I think this is something you need to follow up with your doctor about.

It's not possible for us to say based on the limited information.

At two weeks you will certainly have some residual facial swelling.

Not all of the fat grafted will survive.

Fat transfer tends to work well for overall facial volume but is no as well for filling in dimples do to acne. The Z pack should have no impact on your facial fat transfer.

Follow up with your doctor and have him or her address your concerns.


Mats Hagstrom M.D.

Mats Hagstrom, MD
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Fat transfer

The Z pack is to help prevent infection after the procedure.  It will not affect the fat or reduce the swelling.  Initially you will look over corrected from the fat.  Within 3-4 weeks a lot of the swelling will resolve and some of the fat gets resorbed.  So give it some time still.  May want to take some ibuprofen to help with any swelling.    

John J. Martin, Jr., MD
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