Fat transfer from belly to fill buttocks, hip dips, and breasts at the same time? Are the results permanent? (Photo)

I am only 18 and can't afford this but if I do make enough money in the future, I was wondering if it would be possible for my hip dips, buttocks, and breasts to be filled with the fat transfered from my stomach? I want my breasts to be slightly bigger (maybe a cup bigger) but my hips and butt to see a huge difference in size comparison. Is there enough fat for this to work for the desired look? And for it to be done are the results permanent? Are most fast transfer on average permanent?

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Fat transfer to multiple areas

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Mant patients who want fat transfer to their buttocks and breasts rarely have enough fat to do both procedures.

Sometimes the decision is based on a moderate and has spent as opposed to the largest possible enhancement.

For example if all the fat is used for a Brazilian then the results may be more impressive than if some of the fat is used for breast enhancement as well.

In your case you may very well have enough fat for both based on your picture.

While there are no great treatment for hip dips other than fat transfer fat transfer is limited in how much fat survives long term.

The limitation of why hip dips don't do as well with fat grafting is the lack of tissue to graft into.

The area tends to be thin limiting how much fat can be grafted in any one single session.

Most people needed the area tripled in thickness to get the ideal contour.

Expect a maximum of 50% sickness increase from a fat transfer procedure.

In other words if someone has an inch of fat it can be brought to an inch and a half as a permanent results from fat transfer.

Fat transfer can be done multiple times in which case the results can be more impressive.

This is obviously not true in the case of high-volume fat transfer in which case much of the subcutaneous fat is used up during the first procedure.

My recommendation is that you start a fitness plan lose some weight and do the best you can without relying on surgery.

Losing 50 pounds would go a long ways to getting you look a lot better.

It's healthier and much much cheaper.

While WeightLoss will cause your breast and buttocks to shrink they will proportionally shrink less then your abdomen giving an overall look of better balance and aesthetic harmony.


Mats Hagstrom M.D.


Mats Hagstrom M.D.

San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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Fat transfers to buttocks, hips and breasts

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That is a lot to do at one time, and I personally would not try to do so.  If the cost may be prohibitive for you then all that may be out of reach for you anyways.  The buttocks and breasts usually require the most volume of fat to enhance.  Without having the benefit of examining you, I would be surprised if you have enough fat from just your abdomen to give for the procedure.  Usually I would also have to go after the fat in the thighs and muffin tops to find enough fat.  If the transferred fat survives the transfer process (which you won't know until about 3 months after the surgery), it should have decades of longevity in it's new location. It should last as long as the fat from where you took it from.  The younger you are when you have the procedure, the longer it will last.  All living tissue in your body ages so no tissue is permanent.  But neither are implants.  The transferred fat will slowly start to age and eventually die off (through a process called "apoptosis" or programmed cell death), just like the fat in other parts of your body.  

On average, we can achieve about a one cup size increase with each fat transfer procedure to the breasts.  How much of the fat "takes" depends on several factors.  

In my experience, the amount of fat that typically does not "take" can range anywhere between 20- 40% depending on how good a candidate a patient is and the surgeon's experience and technique.  On average I find patients lose around 30% of the transferred fat.  If they are a good candidate it's closer to 20%, and if not it can be closer to 40%.  You are a better candidate if you:
1) have a lot of fat to give (and if the majority of it is in a few easily accessible locations) and want body contouring as well as breast enlargement
2) have more breast tissue to start with 
3) have more ideal breast shape and tissue qualities to begin with (good symmetry, no sagginess, good skin elasticity)

On average patients gain about one cup size with each transfer session (maybe more if they are good candidates and less if they are not). That's the limitation of fat transfers.  You can have multiple transfer sessions to add to what you already had done, but obviously this can get expensive so it would be more worth it if you also doing it for overall body shaping (and not just breast).

The experience and technique of the plastic surgeon is also very very important (and probably 50% responsible for the success of the procedure) as it is not an easy procedure to master overnight.  It takes many years of experience in order to gain a good appreciation for it and to perfect it.  

I would recommend you see several board certified plastic surgeons with lots of experience with fat transfers (and ask to see lots of before and after pics of their own patients).  Best wishes.

Fat transfer

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This is a procedure that I do daily.   Getting amazing results is matter of experience and years of doing these procedures.

Afshin Farzadmehr, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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