Chest looking uneven and weird after gynecomastia surgery without lipo? (Photos)

Had the surgery 3 years ago. A General Surgeon had performed it without lipo. I am overweight and I can feel that I do not have breast tissue under my nipples and when I flex my muscles, the parts that distort the pectoral muscle look, feel simply like fat. When I last asked my doctor, he said they are not able to cut perfectly and showed me some parts of the breast where he says the scalpel took some of the fat along with tissue. If I lose all the fat would my breasts look perfectly normal?

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Questions of Abnormality After Surgery

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Contour Abnormalities: Although the doctor will make every effort to give you a “perfect” result, the area of excess tissue removal may end up with a contour that is slightly too high or too low. You may feel the “edge” around the areolar dissection. Massage and time (4-6 months) usually eliminates or reduces this problem, if it occurs. Recurrence of Breast Enlargement: This is uncommon, but can occur. If this happens, you may require further surgery later. Harness Within Breasts: Postoperative scarring within the breast tissue may cause areas of hardness. Occasionally, areas of hardness, when discovered later may cause worries about cancer. Mammography or even biopsy is occasionally indicated.Any of these potential issues leading to the tissue abnormalities about which you are concerned could be handled with a revision procedure, but it is never completely possible to predict "perfection." As with all cosmetic surgery, results will be rewarding if expectations are realistic. With any surgical procedure, there are some risks which your doctor will discuss with you during your consultation.

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Uneven gynecomastia

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Unfortunately, you have a significant amount of scarring and your surgeon took out too much in one area and not enough in another area.You need a revision by a experienced Plastic Surgeon in your area..

Malcolm A. Lesavoy, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Gyno asymmetry

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Thank you for the photos and you should see a plastic surgeon expert in Gino surgery in your area and be evaluated as your result can clearly be improved
Dr Corbin

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