Is Abdominal Etching higher risk than traditional liposuction?

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Abdominal etching versus liposuction

Thanks for your question. Abdominal etching isn't higher risk than traditional liposuction. Both are surgical ways to improve your contour and shape. Generally with abdominal etching you are taking out more superficial fat in certain distributions to get you the extra definition. Generally we combine liposuction of the deeper fat and etching of the superficial fat to improve your overall contour and definition.


Surjit S. Rai, MD

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Abdominal etching is more delicate, but just as safe as lipo

This is a great question that we are often asked. Abdominal etching, or liposculpture is a form of body contouring that uses multiple types of liposuction to not only debulk fat in the abdomen and trunk, but to also remove small amounts of fat superficially along the patient's bony framework, muscle lines and tendon transcriptions. The result can be a very toned and athletic look- or abs that are sculpted. 

When done correctly, it is just as safe as liposuction. Remember that lipo is like a paintbrush. It is only an instrument to get a result. Much more important than the instrument, is the person holding it. Make sure that you only work with a plastic surgeon board certified by the American Board of Plastic surgery and that he/she has a great deal of experience in this specific technique. You deserve nothing less.

Patients that receive ab etching are comfortable after 2-3 days and can go back to work in 3 days wearing a special compression garment.  

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