Abdominal Etching

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Abdominal etching is a variation of liposuction used to create the illusion of six-pack abs. During the procedure, thin tubes called cannulas are inserted into the body, dislodging fat deposits that get suctioned out. Abdominal etching differs from liposuction in that small amounts of fat are left behind in specific areas to imitate muscle fullness. 

This technique may also be referred to as liposculpture or high-def liposuction. It's often done using vaser liposuction, which uses ultrasound energy to melt the fat before it's removed.

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49 Years Old Gladiator Abs with Fat Transfer to Pecs and Shoulders

I am a Army veteran that used to be in great shapes and wash board abs. Over the years I have had 4 knee surgeries, 3 shoulder surgeries and recently 2 discs removed from my neck. Each year as i get closer to getting cleared to work out i need another surgery, until I am now unhappy with the... READ MORE

24 Year Old, No Kids, Athletic but Wanted Extra Definition

Awesome result! Couldn't be happier! Took me to where I want to be, making it easier on me to just maintain my ideal body! I'm perfectly proportional and my results far exceeded my expectations! My recovery time was extremely comfortable, didn't need any pain medication at all! Overall, my... READ MORE

22 Year Old Fit Girl Who is Getting Ab Etching and a Breast Lift with Implants (High Profile)

I have been researching Dr.Lobo for a while and was recommended to him from a friend who had been following his work. I originally was going to book with dr.hoyos in bogota, but I decided that dr.lobo had better work. He doesn't have many reviews to be honest. My surgery is on MAY 19th. I am... READ MORE

Made It to the Flat Side! - Dominican Republic, DO

I made it girls. Can't see what I look like. Also I'm afraid to look because I'm in pain. Wasn't able to get my BBL. when I left the states my HEMO was 12.6 got here and it dropped 11.7. Oh well disappointed as I was it was never about the BBL anyways it was for the TT and Lipo. I will post... READ MORE

34 year old male wanting to lose the spare tire and find my underlying abs!!!

Procedure scheduled for 4/21/17! I chose Dr. Connors given his very high level of education and training, his great focus on me during consultative appointments (gave me all of the information I needed and spent plenty of time discussing my goals with me), and the before and after results of his... READ MORE

Go for It, but Do Your Research - Mumbai, IN

I had 6 pack lipo and fat transfer with Dr Milan Doshi 5 days ago. I have to say I am more than happy with the natural results and actually pleasantly surprised by how much he managed to do in a few hours. I have to say though, I really did my research. There's only a few doctors in the world... READ MORE

46 Year Old Male. Liposuction and Abdominal Etching

I always ride to stay in shape and do cardio but I could never loose that stubborn abdominal fat. I just had this done and the pain is minimal at worst. The area done is tender to the touch but the pain pills help with that. I will update with photos along the process of recovery. I... READ MORE

Abdominal etching at 43 years old

On February 1, 2017 I had an abdominal etching liposuction done by Dr. Hani Sinno at his private clinic in Westmount. Following a weight loss of 88 pounds I decided to have the baggage of fat cells removed from my ventral region. Three liters of cells were removed from my abdomen on 4 sites... READ MORE

Dr Emer and Dr Rogers Changed my Life - Los Angeles, CA

Around ten years ago I lost over 90lbs and went to a doctor in New York to get a tummy tuck to remove excess skin. My scar healed horribly and the doctor lipoed my breasts but left them uneven and sagging. I always knew I wanted to get a scar revision at some point but as time went on I began... READ MORE

29 Years Old - Austin, TX

I had lost approximately 75 lbs after high school and had lots of extra skin. First I got an abdominaplasty. That's was about ten years ago. After having maintained my weight and getting in better shape I decided I wanted some more definition which led to me choosing to get abdominal etching.... READ MORE

23 ...one Baby - Chicago, IL

I just don't like my body at all I want to look great naked. I am still searching for doctors and reading reviews and saving money, I want to get my stomach done first then my arms there huge and back fat I have like four small roles every one in my life is against this type of work but I know... READ MORE


When I first meet Dr. Rockwell I was extremely impressed! Very comfortable with his straight forward approach to procedure.He explained every thing in words undetstood,however his staff "my after care nurse Josh" made me feel very uncomfortable with questions fallowing my surgery about my... READ MORE

31 Year Old, Looking Better Than in my 20's

When I first considered gettingcosmetic surgery, I did extensive research and kept coming back to Dr. Humberto Palladino. I liked that he was board certified and studied at Mayo Clinic. Which I know is a top notch place. Once I got the confidence I set up my consultation. His office is something... READ MORE

46 Years Old - Santo Domingo Pueblo, NM

Yvelise bello para mi la mejor del mundo 5 año despues sigo siendo muñuca muñeca y sin ningun contra riempo gracias mi bella dctr dios me la bendiga siempre. Fue muy atenta con migo. Siempre se mantiene en contacto con migo y dispuesta a responder mis preguntas. Se la recomiendi a cualquiera co... READ MORE

24 Años, 2 Hijos... Actualmente feliiizzzz con los resultados de mi cirugia

Mi Dr. Alejandro Hdez. Fue siempre mi favorito, antes de mi cirugía dure mas de 2 años siguiéndole vía internet, y siempre estuve encantadisima con el. Es super atento y muy profesional, te hace sentir cómoda y te da mucha seguridad. Me cambió la vida... Dios le bendiga grandemente y volveré por más READ MORE

Fitness Trainer Who Couldn't Get Rid of Love Handles and Get Six Pack Even with Low Body Fat - Manhattan, NY

The best thing i've done in years of working out , dieting and training trying to get a six pack . the procedure doesn't get you built or skinny , but is perfect for someone who has been working out for years and never gets a six pack even if he or she is fit. it removes the fat between the... READ MORE

47 Yo Male Active but in Need of a Helping Hand - Beverly Hills, CA

OMG!!!! That's what people are saying about the Amazing transformation that Dr. Emer gave me. I went in round and came out lean. The staff was amazing and extremely friendly, when I walked into the Institute I was feeling ashamed of my body to be seen by people but they didn't judge me at all... READ MORE

In and Out - Cancun, MX

Very fast procedure. Was in and out same afternoon, and had a great dinner. Excellent skill and great work. Definitely recommend. Not as painful as prior procedures . The selection of the surgery center was great. Slight pain day 3, aside from that moving and returned to work the next day. Did... READ MORE

Abdominal Etching - Miami, FL

In May of 2016 I started my research on getting abdominal etching. I reside in Houston Texas so I started to consult with many doctors in my area. Consult after consult and I wasn't impressed at all, they would rush the consult or wouldn't even respond to my pictures via email. So I decided to... READ MORE

46 Year Old Female, 5'7" - Mexico

I'm very pleased with my results thus far. I still have a way to go to see the results I'm hoping for, but I can definite see the difference. I'm actually going back in February for a breast list. I loved my whole experience at CosMed. I can't imagine going anywhere else. The staff was nice,... READ MORE

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