Who is the best candidate for Abdominal Etching?

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Ab Etching

Thanks for submitting your question.The full Ab Etch is for patients whose six-pack can be felt but not seen. These patients have developed and strengthened their abdominal muscles, but they are unable to get the chiseled appearance due to their genetic disposition for fat storage. If a patient is a good candidate for the full Abdominal Etch procedure, you can clearly discern the individual muscle ridges. These patients also have an overall muscular appearance to their arms, legs and abdomen, so a defined abdomen would be in harmony with the rest of the body. 
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Who is the best candidate for abdominal etching?

Abdominal etching is a terrific technique in body contouring that combines old-fashioned debulking of fat with liposuction and the superficial removal of small amounts of fat with liposculpture around the patient's bony framework, the muscle contours, and the tendinous transcriptions. If this delicate procedures done correctly. The patient can expect a very toned and athletic appearance and a six pack. Ideal candidates for this procedure are patients who have good quality skin tone and whose muscles are in the right position. This does not mean that only these patients can receive this procedure. In our practice, if the patient has loose skin or a separation of muscles due to weight loss or previous pregnancy, we often combine abdominal etching with another body contouring procedure such as a mini tummy tuck or a small tummy tuck to address all these issues at one time and to give the patient a toned appearance. More important than the ideal candidate for abdominal etching is the ideal candidate of the doctor who is actually going to do this delicate procedure. Patients should only work with plastic surgeons that are board-certified by the American Board of plastic surgery, offer multiple different types of liposuction, and have a great deal of experience in this technique. Remember that liposuction just like a paintbrush is a tool or instrument. More important than the tool are the people on either end of it and the understanding and trust that they have in each other.

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