What are the pros and cons to having upper and lower eyelid surgery separately?

Will it make any difference to the final result? I think I would find it easier to cope mentally with doing lowers first, then uppers. Obviously, I realise this will be more expensive and involve two recovery periods.

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Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery Together or Separately

There is really no difference in healing, recovery, or final result by having upper and lower blepharoplasty surgeries done at separate times.  As you realize, the disadvantage to having the procedures done separately is that you will have two recovery periods and the additional cost of a separate anesthesia and facility fee.  If you are unsure about having both procedures done, other than cost, there is no disadvantage to having them performed at separate times.  I wish you a successful surgery and a great result!

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Upper and Lower Eyelid Cosmetic Surgery

In most instances I advise my patients to have their upper and lower eyelid cosmetic surgery at the same time (assuming that they know they want both done).

There are some exceptions.  First, if a patient isn't sure if they want the other lids done (uppers or lowers) I tell them that it is fine to do just the uppers or lowers and then come back for the other surgery at a later date when they have decided.  At times it easier to decide if you want all 4 eyelids done after you see the results from two eyelids (uppers or lowers)

The second reason is if a patient is just more comfortable having the two surgeries done separately. 

So, with the understanding that it will probably cost a bit more, and you will have two downtime periods rather than one, it is fine to do the surgeries separately if that makes you more comfortable.  The results are not affected either way.

Marc Cohen, MD
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4 quad bleph

cara3, there is no reason to do the upper and lowers at different times unless that is what you request for some reason. the real question is do you need your upper lids done or a brow lift. In my experience the majority of patients that complain of a tired look to their upper lids it is due to inferior to medial migration of the brow into the upper eyelid area. In these patients an endoscopic browlift gives the best result. Over the years I have developed a sequential approach to browlift surgery and will, in general, do one of three different lifts depending on the preoperative anatomy of the forehead. A lateral brow lift is done for patients with heaviness of the lateral brow but a normal medial brow. A 3/4 brow lift is done for patients with a heavy lateral brow and a pinched look to the medial head of the brow. A full brow lift is performed for patients who have a heavy lateral brow, pinching of the medial head of the brow and inferior migration of the medial head of the brow. This approach yields a natural appearance to the post operative patient without that surprised look.
For the less common patient who has brows that are in the correct position and yet has excess skin and muscle in the upper eyelid area, an upper lid blepharoplasty with supratarsal fixation is all they need. Should they in addition have lowering of the upper eyelid over the cornea then they may need ptosis surgery. I would recommend visiting an eye doctor should you feel this is the case for you.
Should you have a combination brow ptosis or sagging and excess upper eyelid skin, do yourself a favor and get the brows done first and the eyelids done 3-6 months afterward. That is the approach I take and the majority of patients that I see get the brows done and are happy, they leave the upper lid alone. More is not always better. For those who decide to proceed with an upper lid bleph afterwards, I can be more precise doing it secondarily.
See a plastic surgeon that specializes in facial aesthetic surgery, get two to three opinions and go with the one you feel most comfortable. Experience is great teacher so typically find someone with a few years under their belt!

M. Sean Freeman, MD
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What are the pros and cons to having upper and lower eyelid surgery separately?

Thank you for your inquiry.  

There is no difference in outcome if the upper and lower eyelids procedures are done separately.   The benefits of having the procedures at the same time are:  the eyelids are corrected at the same time so they both look rejuvenated immediately after 1 procedure, single downtime and healing period, and the cost is usually less if done together. 

Good luck.

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Are the results different if upper eyelid and lower eyelid blepharoplasty are performed at the same time or independently?

Thank you for sharing your question. Results should be the same if upper and lower blepharoplasty are performed at the same time or separately. The benefit of having the surgery at one time is less downtime overall. Discuss this with your doctor.
Good luck,

James R. Gordon, MD, FACS, FAAO
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Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty performed at the same time

Hello.  Thank you for your question.  It is my opinion that upper and lower blepharoplasty can be performed safely at the same time.  This will allow one procedure and one period of recovery.  This is very common practice in facial plastic surgery.  There is really no advantage to doing them separately, and it is very likely to be more costly that way, due to additional facility and anesthesia expenses, not to mention additional time off from work.  The only reason to do them as separate procedures would be patient preference.  Best of luck to you in achieving your aesthetic goals. 

Michael Boggess, MD
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Eyelid Surgery Timing for Upper and Lower Eyelids

Thank you for your question about eyelid surgery. Pictures would be helpful.

If you are thinking about having both upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty, then most individuals and surgeons are going to have this done at the same time.

To be sure, see two or more experienced, board-certified Plastic Surgeons in your area for a complete evaluation to make sure you are a good candidate and that it is safe for you to have surgery.

I hope this helps.

J. Jason Wendel, MD, FACS
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Upper and lower eyelid surgery candidate

 A full set of facial photographs are required to make sure that patients are indeed a candidate for  both upper and lower eyelid surgery. If patients are a candidate for both upper and lower eyelids,  most patient's perform the procedure together under one anesthetic with one recovery period. Anticipate 2 weeks of bruising and swelling for each surgical procedure, while full  healing takes 3-4 months.

William Portuese, MD
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There should be no down side to have both the upper and the lowers at the same time.

The downside for doing them separately is two recovery periods.  Surgical closers don't like it because their job is to close you on as much surgery as possible.  The best reason for doing the uppers and lowers separately is it is what makes you are comfortable.  End of discussion.  Do what you want.  If the potential surgeon does not like it, they can get over it or better, consider finding a different surgeon.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Eye surgery

While they can be staged or done at separate times. It certainly is more cost effective to do them at the same time. Best of luck

Steven Wallach, MD
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