I have notice in every picture I take, my right side of my face looks droopy. (photos)

My husband calls it stroke face. I know that my right eyebrow is thinner, but the eye itself looks to be more hooded and smaller than my left eye. Is this something I should be concerned about? My husband says you don't see it in person, only in photos.

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Thank you for sharing your question. Everyone has some degree of facial asymmetry, which is completely normal. For the right brow, I recommend trying a small dose of Botox. When properly placed, Botox can lift the brow and allow it to appear more even with the opposite brow. If you are also noticing more facial sagging on the right side of the face, you may be a good candidate for a non-surgical procedure called NovaThreads. This procedure is an office-based alternative to facial lifting using PDO suture material. The suture, or “thread”, is inserted beneath the skin and positioned to subtly lift tissue that has begun to sag. For you, threads may be a great way to improve facial symmetry for the midface and jowl area. I recommend scheduling a consultation with a board certified specialist who can evaluate you in person and discuss appropriate treatment options.

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Normal asymmetry

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It is normal to not be totally symmetric. We are always our worse critic and this asymmetry is most likely only apparent to you.

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Stroke face?

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Hope you have an equally appealing pet name for him... but you simply have asymmetry where your right brow and eye is lower than the other side.  If having more level brows is important, a browlift will help.  Your eye position cannot be changed.

I have notice in every picture I take, my right side of my face looks droopy.

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This is quite normal! One side of our face is usually different from the other. Another reason for deeper creases on one side is consistently sleeping on that side. 
While your right brow is a bit lower than the left, you do not realize this in real life as you are constantly animating and raising the brow. I would suggest trying some Botox first in the Crow's Feet and Glabellar areas that might relax the muscles that are pulling down on that side and allow the frontalis or forehead muscle to elevate it for you. This approach might give you several years before you decide to have a surgical brow lift.


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You have some ptosis of your eyebrow on that side and this can lead to slightly more hooding of the upper eyelid.  It is nothing to be worried about as asymmetries are very common.  A brow lift and upper eyelid bleph may be a procedure to consider.  Best wishes, Dr. T

Facial asymmetry

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You have some differences between the two sides of your face. This is likely normal for you. You can get a consultation from a board certified plastic surgeon, facial plastic surgeon, or occuloplastic surgeon to discuss things that can be done to minimize this. You may want to talk to a good esthetician about the eyebrow. You are plucking or waxing which makes the asymmetry look worse, and a good esthetician should be able to help you correct this.

I have notice in every picture I take, my right side of my face looks droopy.

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Hello caseyjoann,
Thanks for your question.
What you see is normal. There is natural right to left asymmetry in everyone.  One half of the skull is of smaller volume than the other side.  It is normal and, therefore, nothing to worry about.
Most people never see it unless it is pointed out to them in pictures.
Good luck,
Dr. Shah


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Thank you for sharing your question and posting your photo. You have ptosis (drooping) of the eyelid, mostly likely due to a weak muscle. There are a variety of techniques which an experienced Oculoplastic Surgeon can perform to lift the eyelid. There might be a bit of extra skin which needs to be removed as well. 
Good luck,

Okay, husband calls you stroke face but you don't see it in person.

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That means he does not have to sleep in the dog house--he can sleep on the sofa and pay for cosmetic eyelid surgery.   As you point out, you do have a facial asymmetry with the left eye higher in the face than the right eye.  However, the reason one pays any attention to this is that your eyes have lost their jewel like quality.  You have mild upper eyelid ptosis.  Like I said, it is mild.  The big issue is that you also have a mild compensatory eyebrow lift that creates a tension at the eyebrows.  You could consider a Microdroplet Lift® botulinum toxin treatment.  Alternatively a microblepharoplasty that corrects the small amount of ptosis and removes a small amount of upper eyelid skin would vastly improve this situation.

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Facial asymemtry

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Facial asymmetry is common and really the norm. Some modifications using fillers, etc.. can improve the discrepancies.

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