Spots and redness from donor area after beard transplant?

Hi and thank you for help. I am one month from my beard transplant, I've got a case of what seems to be shock loss. Just had my hair cut and my head seems externally red with a lot of red bumps. I'm not sure if it's infected or something.

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Continued redness after hair transplant

Spots and redness on the donor area are to be expected for the first few days after graft harvesting from the beard area.  If it persists beyond that, you may have an ingrown hair from the remnants of some of the extracted hair. They will most likely recover spontaneously, however if they persist, your doctor can help by incising and removing the ingrown hair. 

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If you are not sure if what you have is an infection, it would be best to contact your doctor for a follow up exam.

If you are not sure if what you have is an infection, it would be best (important) to contact your doctor for a follow up exam.  There is no way to tell for sure what you have on the Internet with two sentences. 

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Redness and bumps

you should follow up with the hair transplant surgeon who did your procedure to have the area evaluated. You could have ingrown hairs, or an infection. The scalp will be red for a little time after surgery, but the bumps are a concern. 

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Spots and redness on donor area after beard transplant

donor area on your scalp that hair follicles have been harvested for transplant may have small red dots because of trauma . İf red bumps are painfull and filled with pus , it may indicate an infection . but redness alona is an expected skin change after surgery 

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