Do you always need a steroid injection or kenalog injection post rhinoplasty? (photos)

I had a rhinoplasty done about three weeks ago and I honestly hate the result. The bridge is too big and wide for my face, i look like a pig. Im just hoping the in time and the swelling stop that it will get smaller. Im considering kenalog injection to lessen the swelling and hopefully reduce the chance of scar tissue. Or do I need revision to get a thinner nose? Please help

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3 weeks is too early to judge your rhinoplasty results

At 3 weeks postop your nose is still going to be swollen. If you feel that your nose looks piglike, it is not uncommon for the nasal tip swelling to cause this appearance. A lot of this will decrease with time. I would hold off pushing any steroid injections at this point, but you should discuss this further with your surgeon.

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Steroid Injection after Rhinoplasty

Hi jo_madrid24,

At 3 weeks post-op, it is only normal to have much swelling so please be patient. With regards to the use of steroid injection, it is also best to wait at least 2-3 months especially if you have a silicone implant in.

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