Dangers of Lipoma on the Scalp?

I have a lipoma on my scalp. I got opinions from four different doctors and I guess it's uncommon for lipomas to be on the scalp. What are the dangers of having a scalp lipoma on the occipital region of the head?

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Dangers of lipoma on the scalp

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If a lump on the scalp is truly a benign lipoma, the only real danger would be a cosmetic deformity, but there is no way to know if a lesion is truly benign without removing it for analysis by the pathologist. Surgical excision of lipomas is usually straightforward and involved making an incision over the lipoma. The lipoma is then removed by dissecting it safely away from the normal surrounding structures. The risks of lipoma removal would be similar to most any other surgical procedure, and would include bleeding, scarring, infection, numbness, and the need for future surgery.

While lipomas on the body are more common than lipomas on the scalp, I would not consider lipomas on the scalp to be rare - it is something I see in my practice relatively frequently. 

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Lipoma removal

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Dear Cho

In most cases, a lipoma can be removed under local anesthesia without shaving hair. Most of the times, the lipoma will pop out with a small incision that can be closed with a few sutures or staples. It is rare for these to be malignant but I recommend removal as the only thing they do is grow albeit slowly so you might as well remove it while it is still small.

Good luck!

Scalp lipomas are benign but can grow over time.

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It is a relatively easy procedure to remove a lipoma from the scalp. It does continue to grow over time and can be the source of headaches or neck discomfort. It may also displace hair growth. They rarely if ever become malignant. Most physicians can remove it piecemeal through a smaller incision so you may want to inquire from that avenue.

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Lipomas and cysts on the scalp

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Lipomas are rare on the scalp. Most of these bumps are known as trichilemmal cysts and occur on the hair bearing area.

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