Options for Lipoma Removal on Keloid-prone Skin?

I keloid really badly, but wish to get rid of a few of my lipomas.

Do I have any options, even if they are not covered by insurance? I am a 32 yr old male with little fat so they stick out and do not stay hidden at all!

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Lipomas in keloid-prone patients

You should certainly see a board-ceritified dermatologist or plastic surgeon who is experienced in dealing with lipomas and keloids. Any cutting into the skin can result in a keloid.

Ideally, the smallest incision possible should be used to remove the lipoma, how large it will be depends on the size of the lipoma but they can often be removed through a hole that is smaller than the lipoma itself. Steroid injections into the incision site at the time of surgery and monthly afterward may help prevent a keloid.

Other methods of removing lipomas, like liposuction and mesotherapy, have been tried and may have a lower risk of keloid since they involve less cutting of the skin. These are unproven methods, however, and may not result in a complete removal. They may also not be covered by insurance.

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Lipoma and keloids

Lipomas can be removed through tiny incisions e.g. 4 mm only. The chances for keloid formation would be real slim. Steroids can be injected after the surgery asan extra prophylactic step.

Khaled El-Hoshy, MD
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