Are There Any Natural Remedies to Remove Lipomas?

I have a 5cm lipoma on the right back side of my body. Are there any natural treatments to remove lipomas?

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Surgical excision or liposuction

A lipoma is a benign tumor of the fat cells. There are two approved treatments: Surgical excision or lipousction. The later will not yield a pathological diagnosis because the cells are destroyed from the liposuction process. I would hignly recommend an excision. It is simple, straight forward and the standard of care. When it comes to creams or pills used to dissolve lipomas i think it is even sad to find products like this that people can buy. Best of luck!

Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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One of the amazing, though in a way disturbing, aspects of answering questions on RealSelf is the number and creativity of the scams we are queried about.

I had NO idea that a tumor, especially a benign tumor, could be removed by a pill or cream but sure enough there are sites on the internet offering money back guarantees. One, lipmotin, even trumpets the well worn, "clinically proven". However, when I actually tried to read the study, my eyes were met with a "coming soon".

A few other things I have noticed in these sort of scams, is that most of the money goes into the beautiful design of the website. If my website could only look a tenth as professional! Another thing is the alleged comparison of products. After viewing as many of these sites as I have, one soon realizes that as well couched in words of impartiality as these ads are, one can usually detect the sponsor. As good as the competition may be ( even in cases like this when they are ALL worthless), there is always one that absolutely stands out. A third thing is this concept that the orthodox medical community has been hiding this sort of product. If the public only knew, there would be no need for surgery, medicine. Kinda like Dr. Spock's practice. There is often the concept that herbs have been hidden for years but suddenly in the 21st century we have discovered their safety and value. Where is Doctor William Withering ( the discoverer of digitalis circa 1780 who heard about a concoction for the heart from an old lady folk herbalist) now that we need him to sort this stuff out.

NO, a cream or pill, natural or otherwise, can not rid you of your lipoma. My recommendation is to see a surgeon for its removal. Alternative treatments would include liposuction or lipolysis, but only after a good biopsy is sent to the pathologist. Another technique is to have Deoxycholate injected into the lipoma helping it dissolve. You might want to check out an article in the Dec 2005 issue of the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology regarding this application. Mesotherpy has been tried for this tumor. It seems the success of it is due to the deoxycholate in the mesotherapy blend.

Instead of throwing out your money on a so-called natural cure, I think you would be better served by attending a magic show. During his break, offer the magician the money you would have spent on the worthless internet product. Ask him to magically remove your lipoma. His hocus-pocuswon't be anymore successful than the product, but at least you should get a good show for your money. Maybe some jokes sprinkled in for free. More than you would get, by falling for a worthless scam.

Arnold R. Oppenheim, MD
Virginia Beach Dermatologist
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