I'd Like a Doctors Opinion on How my Nose Could Be After a Nose Job?

Im really really uncomfortable with my nose, i have always been. I'm saving money for a nose job. I really dislike the tip of my nose how its llike two tips. I get often i have a miss piggy nose! Any opinion would help thank you!

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Goal for Rhinoplasty

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Your tip should be narrowed and refined so that it is proportional to the rest of your nose. will not have to If the work is done by an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon you will not have to worry about having a "piggy" nose.

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Options for a more feminine nose tip

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The bulbousness in the tip can certainly be addressed through refinement techniques such as suturing the cartilages of the tip together to create a uniform dome rather than a double dome bulbous tip.  Occasionally tip cartilage is also removed depending upon how much excess cartilage is present at the time of the surgery.  Narrowing the nasal bones is done through osteotomies.  For a virtual rhinoplasty session please see our website, where you can upload your own pictures and perform your own virtual rhinoplasty on our site under the section of virtual rhinoplasty.

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I'd Like a Doctors Opinion on How my Nose Could Be After a Nose Job? (photo)

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Be sure to schedule your appointment with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  Tip Rhinoplasty is a procedure that we do in our practice.  You can research the internet for before and after photos to get a better idea on how your nose may look afterwards.

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