Getting my Nose Broken into Place 6 Years Later?

I broke my nose when I was 13. Quite badly, I had the initial resetting of my nose straight after, but once the swelling died down my nose was clearly curved still. Now 6 years on it looks like this ) . I am ridiculously paranoid about how it looks, it affects my confidence severly. I was told the first time round that my nose was still soft because of my age and I'd have better results if I came back again once I'm a young adult. Will a simple resetting be enough or will i need rhinoplasty?

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Straightening a crooked nose 6 years later

It is certainly acceptable to undergo osteotomies at age 18 to straighten and repair a twisted and broken nose.  This is considered a malunion of the nasal fracture with late effects and is typically billed to the patient’s insurance to restore the nose to its pre-injury state.  The surgery is not considered cosmetic unless cosmetic changes are needed.

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Straightening a Broken Nose

It is certainly possible to just reset the bone into place.  This may straighten the entire nose however, you may have a deviation of the cartilage as well which would require a more extensive surgery.  Try and decide what it is exactly that bothers you about your nose before a consultation with a good rhinoplasty surgeon.  They can help you decide what is the best surgical option to achieve the results you want.

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Rhino Ready

Reconstructive Rhinoplasty has many components to discuss, so your best option is to consult with a trusted Cosmetic & Reconstructive specialist.  It is important to bring photos from before the injury too!

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Rhinoplasty repair after nasal fracture

Unfortunately there is no such thing as simply resetting a broken nose. The bones have fused into their present position. Also, bone only constitutes about the upper 1/3 of your nose. There is cartilage below the bones, and this is going to be deviated as well. If you grab the top of your nose and try to wiggle it, your entire head will move. That is the bony part. If you grab slight lower than that, the nose will move without moving your head. That is the (upper lateral) cartilage. Both of these structures are important. There is often some asymmetry of the tip of the nose, with one side being more prominent than the other. If this is present, it is usually corrected at the same time. If there is no tip problem, than a rhinoplasty can be performed without doing anything to the tip of the nose. The good news is that the problem can be corrected, but you will need a rhinoplasty. Sorry about that.

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Rhinoplasty after Nasal Fracture

It is unlikely that your nose can simply be "reset". Pictures would help, but a rhinoplasty will probably give you a better result that will last the rest of your life.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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