Too much fat was injected under my eyes. Lost my job! Need to find a great doctor to help me? Fat grafting under eyes (Photos)

I am 34 years old and I have had fat injections under my eyes about 10 weeks ago. I'm really terrified with the results of the procedure and I want to know What my options are to be corrected? My ps mentioned that she put 3ccfat under my righteye and 2ccfat on my lefteye!! There is too much fat under my eyes and irregularities.I had the surgery in Turkey but I live in LasVegas. My ps rejected to correct her mistake. I need to find experinced Doctor to fix my eyes so I can start working again.

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Fat Transfer to Lips, Final Results? Eyes Swollen?

Antiinflammatories, venus legacy or exilis treatments and 5fu/steroid injections can be tried but ultimately you likely will need to see an oculoplastic surgeon for removal. Best, Dr. Emer.

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Eyelid fat removal after fat injection

You may need lower blepharoplasty with fat removal (both natural fat and injected fat), which may be done through inside eyelid hidden incision. See an oculoplastic surgeon.

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Fat injection to lower eyelid

The marked puffiness is due to the combination of swelling (edema) and injected fat. As swelling subsides and fat becomes stable, you will see a significant improvement. I would recommend you to wait to see how they look once swelling is gone, and determine  at that point if you need to remove fat or not.   Unfortunately you need to be very patient. Meantime, you can keep the head up to facilitate the reduction of the swelling and take arnica and other anti swelling medications. Good luck. Best,Alex Kim MD

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Fat Transfer

Looking at the pictures posted, it is very difficult to tell how much fat in the lower lids and how much swelling.I would recommend waiting till all the swelling is completely gone before considering surgery.A thorough eye examination is needed.Since we do not know where the fat was injected, Under the skin? under the muscle? under the septum?There are no guarantees as to the result and potential complications. That is why your local plastic surgeon would not correct the problem, because once he tries to correct the problem, it becomes his problem and not the Turkish doctor who injected you.

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Fat in lower lids

If they put in 2-3cc of fat, that would usually be a pretty normal amount of fat to transfer to the lower lids.  At 10 weeks you may be a little swollen, but a lot of the swelling should resolve and fat resorption should occur in the first 2 months. You can try some anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen to see if that will help.  If not, you may need to have some of the fat removed.Fat transfers are tricky procedures.  Even when we do everything we think is correct, some people get this very swollen and sometimes firm fat - and sometimes only on one side.  In others it can get resorbed so that it looks like nothing was done.   

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