Teeth not showing as much as they did before fillers

I have bow shaped lips which When younger kids would make fun of them. They were full Going forward when I was 55 I got filler in them always get compliments since full bow are the trend now I guess. Anyway when I smile I noticed not as much of my top teeth show. Can't figure what's different. I have gotten filler from time to time for touch ups but mostly the corners

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Teeth and smile issues: perfect lips

As we age, the bone structure and soft tissues change in our face.   The lips often loose their support and drop so adding volume or reshaping is not always the answer.  During consultation, I invite patients to view their face structurally, rather than as we most often do, by the lines or the imperfections we see.  Understanding the underlying cause of these subtle issues is key to treating them.    The ideal smile and lip profile is dependent on many factors which is one reason we see so many people who have had their "lips done" AND not necessarily, in my view, a thoughtful way.  A consultation with a doctor who specializes in facial injections, whether a surgeon or dermatologist, can explain how to best optimize your smile, your lips and what would be best to produce a long lasting result that's balanced with the rest of your facial architecture.  In my practice we collaborate with specialists including cosmetic dentists to provide results that rejuvenate and appear natural, since the condition you describe I see quite often.   .Often a little neurotoxin, such as botox, can relax certain muscles to create a more ideal lip position.  Combination injection therapy can usually solve the dilemma you are experiencing.I hope that helps and best of luck!

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Lip Augmentation

Thank you for your question. I suggest that you consult with your board certified facial plastic surgeon to discuss how you feel about the success of these injections. Keep in mind that injections are a temporary solutions. Fat injections are a natural and more permanent solution and lip lifts are permanent solutions as well. In your discussion with your board certified facial plastic surgeon, you may find that you are satisfied with the temporary improvements of fillers and are ready to move on to more permanent solutions.

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Less Tooth Show Smile After Fillers

Without photos in repose and smiling and an examination this is hard to answer. Fuller lips due to fillers can account for this as well as weakness and other causes. See a board certified plastic surgeon to figure this out.

Larry S. Nichter, MD, MS, FACS
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Teeth not showing as much as they did before fillers = could be due to the technique #lipaugmentation #lipfillers

Depending on the technique (surgeon's hand) the size of the lips can be modified to the point the teeth might not show as well.

As aging happens. specially on the 50s, the upper lip starts to elongate to the point the teeth show less than before. If a lip augmentation does increase only the red part of whelp (vermillion) it could cause this phenomena to be more pronounce.

Lip augmentation techniques that enhance the lip at the level of the vermillion ( junction of the lip and the skin or white line) does give the appearance of lip augmentation without making the lip to look longer. 

John Mesa, MD
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Teeth not showing as much as they did before fillers

Thank you for your excellent question.  Filler to the upper lip for volume purposes will tend to enlarge the dry red portion of the lip.  When there is not significant lip eversion, as most patients do not want to create a duck-lip appearance, this will cause some subtle increased coverage of the upper portions of the teeth when smiling.  Hope this helps.

Nelson Castillo, MD
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Lip Augmentation Concerns

Hard to say without photos or physical exam but if there is a lot of filler in your lips, it may be causing them to be full and  show less teeth when you smile. The key is to find a doctor that gives you consistent, satisfying results. Be sure to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist. Good luck !

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Lip treatment

Hello. It is difficult to advise you without seeing photos, but generally when lip filler is injected, it may well reduce the amount of visible teeth display.
In some patient this can be desirable, especially if there is a gummy smile.
If you don't like the look, wait for the filler to diminish and then either avoid treatment or discuss with your practitioner to see if the lip can be injected at a different site which still allows the projection but without altering the smile.

Tapan Patel, MBBS
London Physician
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