Is it okay to get lip injections 6 days after I got braces?

Hi i was wondering if its ok to get lip injections and after 6 days i get braces? do you think something might happend to the lips while getting braces?

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Is it okay to get lip injections 6 days after I got braces? = it could be, but not recommended #lipaugmentation #lipinjections

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Lip augmentation could potentially be done before getting braces. However, It would be more prudent to delay the lip injection until AFTER the braces are placed. Lip trauma during the braces placement could make the lip to swell, and if lip filler is present,then the lip might  swell up a lot

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Lip injections and braces

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I can't tell if you are asking about getting the braces before or after the lip injections.

In my opinion having lip injections 6 days after braces is not a problem.  However, I would recommend waiting at least 10 days or so after lip injections before having braces put on because the lips are typically abused quite a bit during that procedure (braces) and I would want the lip filler and the associated swelling to be settled prior to that. 

Good luck! 

Justin Cohen, MD
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