Will Insurance Cover a Nasal Valve Collapse After Rhinoplasy?

Will an insurance company cover a nasal valve collapse from a previous rhinoplasty?

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Correction of a collapsed nasal valve may be covered by your health insurance.

In general, nasal valve collapse after rhinoplasty surgery is a condition where your upper lateral cartilage is too close to your septum. Definitive surgical correction may involve using a cartilage spreader graft that may be placed between your septum and upper lateral cartilage, and sutured in place. If this is necessary, you may want to have your surgeon's staff call your insurance to check benefits and get "pre-approval".

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Health insurance and cosmetic surgery

Everyone's health insurance policy is different, however, in general, most health insurance plans do not cover any complications resulting from a cosmetic procedure. You have to read the fine print of your individual plan. It doesn't hurt to try and bill health insurance since they do cover these issues sometimes. However, there are very reasonable priced cosmetic insurance plans that can be purchased prior to your cosmetic procedure that cover complications resulting from the cosmetic procedure. Your plastic surgeon can give you information on these plans that are sold by a separate company. You can also ask your plastic surgeon if you are at increased risk of having a complication and thus worth the extra expense of obtaining the policy.
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Most insurance plans do not cover complications from cosmetic surgery

Most insurance companies do not cover complications related to cosmetic surgery.  Read through your medial insurance booklet to identify exemptions and services not covered by your plan.  Nasal valve collapse is best treated with spreader grafts composed of nasal cartilage.  If there is insufficient nasal cartilage available for use, then ear cartilage is the preferred alternative.

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Not likely

If your nose was damaged from the car accident and not from the rhinoplasty then they might cover the procedure, otherwise it would be unlikely that they would cover the procedure.

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Will insurance cover nasal valve collapse from prior rhinoplasty

Whether your insurance will cover surgery to repair valve collapse after prior rhinoplasty depends a lot on your insurance. Your surgeon should be able to contact your insurance company to get pre-authorization to see if it is covered or not.

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Insurance coverage for nasal valve collapse post rhinoplasty

It depends on your Insurance and type of coverage that you have. Your consulting surgeon can send a letter to the insurance company and request a pre authorization for the proposed surgery. Most insurance companies cover surgeries related to breathing problems. Insurance carriers all vary in their allowed billing so best to have a preauthorization which will describe in details what the carrier is willing to pay for and the costs payable for those procedures. Best regards!

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Good Luck

Although insurance companies may cover breathing problems, if this is because of a cosmetic rhinoplasty, you will probably have a lot of trouble getting coverage.

William B. Rosenblatt, MD
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Nasal valve collapse

Most insurance companies will cover airway breathing difficulties..but not all.  You should check with your insurance company.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Will Insurance Cover Correection of Nasal Valve Collapse?

Most insurance companies will cover surgery to correct the functional problems cause by a nasal valve collapse. Your surgeon can contact your insurance for pre-op approval.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Will Insurance Cover a Nasal Valve Collapse After Rhinoplasy?

Most insurance companies recognize valve collapse as an important health issue and are likely to cover the correction if proper documentation is submitted for their assessment.

Kris Conrad, MD
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