Protruding Medial Crus, Doctor Said it Will Requie Local Anesthetic and Stitches, Will that Fix This? (photo)

Thank you so much to everyone that responded to the original question. Turns out it was just missed, my nose was like that prior to surgery,my surgeon checked his files and the photos. My surgeon said the procedure to fix it would be a local anesthetic and then stitch it back. Is this effective in resolving this? Is this a simple procedure? Will it hurt? how can I prepare myself and how soon can it be done in the healing process? I am almost 11 weeks post op. How common is this protrusion?

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Protruding medial crus

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The presenting problem in this photograph is an anterior caudal septal deviation to the patient’s right side.  There is an overriding protruding medial crus on top of the septal deviation.  Both will need to be addressed to straighten the columella and help airflow through the patient’s right side of the nose.  While this can be done under local anesthesia, injections to numb the nose will be painful, so it is best to undergo general anesthesia to straighten your septum and medial crus.

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Protruding Medial Crus

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It will be easy for your surgeon to determine if the deviation is secondary to the medial crus or the end of your septum. If it is the medial crus it can be repositioned with a stitch after injection of local anesthesia which will cause minimal discomfort. I would wait about 6 months because it appears swelling is still present.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Protrusion of medial crura

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Often what looks like the medial crura is really the caudal( inferior) septum that is curved and pushing out into the airway.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Are you sure your septum is not deviated?

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Are you sure the front part of your septum is not deviated to the right?  In my experience, it is extremely rare for a medical crus to be deviated without the front part of the septum pushing it over.  I hate to suggest this, but I might get a second opinion by and ENT/facial plastic surgeon (no offense to general plastic surgeons - I'm biased) before you have any more surgery.  I bet you that your septum is deviated.  Good luck...

Matthew Bridges, MD
Richmond Facial Plastic Surgeon
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