How Do I Know if I Have an Infection After Revision Rhinoplasty?

I recently had a second rhinoplasty with rib cartilage!The surgery turned out very well. I recently started noticing this small bump on the right nostril. The bump is on the side next to my tip. Idk if it is an actual bump or if my skin inside my nostril is swollen. The other side looks fine. I was just wondering if i have anything to worry about. It has been almost a month and a half since surgery. I get a slight stinging pain sometimes in both my nostrils. Wat are some signs of infection? TY!

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Post rhinoplasty infection

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Infection are often associated with redness swelling and pain. It is uncommon to have infection after rhinoplasty but it is possible. If pain increase, and you see more redness and swelling, an infection is possible, and you should see your surgeon and take antibiotics as soon as possible.

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Bump on nostril

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An infection usually looks like redness, swelling, pain, drainage, and/or fever. Without seeing you it would be hard to say. The best thing to do is speak with your surgeon.

Infection after revision rhinoplasty

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If you're concerned about an infection you should visit with your surgeon for an examination. A bump inside your nose could be due to other things, but it really would take a check up to determine what's going on.

Infection after rhinoplasty

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There are  many signs to look for, but none of them can replace an exam by your surgeon. Some of the more common things to look for are: redness, increased or new swelling, pain, discharge of fluid, and fever.

Although infections are rare, they should be managed early with antibiotics and maybe drainage.

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Possible Infection 6 Weeks after Revision Rhinoplasty

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The possible signs of infection after rhinolasty include swelling, pain, redness, and drainage. Rather than trying to diagnose your problem please see your surgeon for an examination.

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Rhinoplasty Healing

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You do need to follow through with your surgeon because a simple examination may answer your question immediately.  But infection is rare, especially when the grafts are all from your own body.  A month and a half is still early enough that even routine swelling is a possibility.  So don't think the worst, and share your concerns with your surgeon as early as possible.


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