How Long After Revision Rhinoplasty Until You Can Smoke Marijuana?

I am one week post op of a revision rhinoplasty, and I am just wondering how long I should wait before I can smoke marijuana? I do not smoke cigarettes, by no means am I looking for someone to condown my marijuana smoking I know it is illegal & I am aware of the health affects. I just want to make sure it will not affect any healing as this is my second surgery and I do NOT want anything to affect my healing, thank you very much :)

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Avoid smoking for 2-6 weeks for best results

Wound healing is a complicated process. White blood cells and platelets travel to the site for immune system and blood clotting. collagen fibers create a mesh with in the skin, and new blood vessels grow in to deliver more blood containing oxygen to the area. Collagen fibers remodel the surface of the wounded area. Proper protein levels and appropriate vitamin levels help with healing.

Poorly healing wounds can occur where there is inadequate blood circulation, or inadequate delivery of oxygen to the treated area.

Without nicotine, smoking marijuana is apparently less detrimental on the wound healing process than cigarettes, but may severely affect the compliance of the individual and affect the proper self-care. Anything that affects the uptake of oxygen will have an effect on wound healing, however. If it is medical marijuana prescribed to treat another issue, you must weight the benefits and drawbacks for yourself.

Much of the healing will occur in the first 2-6 weeks. I would avoid smoking for at least this period of time.

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How Long After Revision Rhinoplasty Until You Can Smoke Marijuana

Sinced you had to have a revision procedure you really need to focus on your healing. I would avoid ALL smoking for at least a month.

I think Cheech and Chong would approve.

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