Can Fat Grafting on the Nose Be Removed? I'm Unhappy With It.

I had a revision rhinoplasty about 3 months back.Fat graft was performed to align the deviated septum.I am not happy with the fat graft as it makes my nose big and bulbous.I have few queries concerning this- 1.Can the fat graft be removed? 2.If yes.How long do I have to wait? 3.Any risks involved?

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Fat graft

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fat graft to the nose does nor realign the nasal septum.

I do not believe fat graft should be done to the nose. The fat is very difficult to remove, depending on where and how deep it was deposited.

The risk of removal is

1: incomplete removal of fat resulting in lumpiness

2: attempt at removal of all the fat may cause vascular compromize of the skin resulting in deformity or worse skin loss and scarring.

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Fat grafting can be reversed after a rhinoplasty

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The fat that was injected can be removed.  However, to prevent you from having to pay for an additional procedure, I would ask that you wait an additional 6 months.  There is a chance that the fat may dissolve on its own.  Any fat that doesn't dissolve can be excised.  Another option is to inject a dilute solution of Kenalog (steroid) into the area.  This tends to dissolve fat as well.  I feel that this is a systematic approach which prevents being too invasive or quick to jump into the operating room.

Removal of Fat Grafting to Nose

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The fat can be removed with a revision procedure. It would be easier to remove at this time. However, assuming you do want to improve the appearance of your nose prior to the fat grafting, I would wait another 6 months before removal so a more exact and satisfying final result could be achieved.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Can Fat Grafting on the Nose Be Removed? I'm Unhappy With It.

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 Agree that an open Rhinoplasty would be required to see and remove the fat grafted, however Rhinoplasty should not be performed any soon than 6 month intervals.  This allows blood flow to return to the tissue.

Fat Grafting to the Nose

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To answer your question, yes it can be removed through an open rhinoplasty approach. You can have it removed as soon as you want. The sooner the better, before scar tissue sets in more.



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