Will this scar on my face disappear? How do I get rid of it? I am so depressed having this scar on my face. (photo)

I went to this local aesthetician who has convinced me to get rid of my facial wart thru laser which I really regret now. He didn't do a good job at all. He burned my skin creating like a circular wound. It has been a month now and the area looked pretty well healed but it is darker than usual, like dark red. The scar now feels flat, but wrinkly, shiny, looks like a small blister but with no fluid inside it. During the month I have applied biocorneum and aquaphor on top of it after it dries.

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The best thing to do is wait at least 12 months for it to heal.  Scar cream is helpful.  If you are left with hyper-pigmentation then you may ask for laser treatment to lighten the pigmentation.  If you get hypertrophic or keloid scaring then you should seek a plastic surgeon to help you.

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Cosmetic Mole Removal -- SEE AN EXPERT Dermatologic Surgeon

This is normal wound healing after mole removal. I suggest following your physicians post operative instructions to achieve optimal healing. No mole can be removed without scarring. Lasers and micro needling can also be used for improvement. I suggest you see an experienced dermatologist for appropriate wound care, healing, and to limit the amount of scarring. Best, Dr. Emer

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Unhappy with scar on my face


I'm sorry to hear you are feeling unhappy after your treatment.  Remember that with any sort of treatment whether incisional, topical or laser that while you are healing your body goes through an inflammatory cycle where the appearance can look red, raised and irritated.  Your last photo at 9 days post treatment is very early in the healing cycle and will require time and some patience to fully heal and for the appearance to improve.  You may have developed the slight depression due to treatment into deeper tissue than just the superficial skin.  You are currently treating the area correctly with hydration. Be sure to protect the area from the sun as well while you are healing.  Your final result and healing can take 9 - 12months but you should start looking better much sooner than that.  If the area continues to be concerning make sure to consult with a plastic surgeon who can follow you in your healing process and make any interventions as needed.

Best of Luck!

Dr. Rednam

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Will this scar on my face disappear? How do I get rid of it? I am so depressed having this scar on my face.

Hello Kating16,

During the wound healing process the wound will go through some color changes.  Early on the wounds will turn pink.  This represents new blood vessels coming to the area to help with healing.  This will eventually turn to white and that is when you will have your final scar.  As far as your wound, the color isn't that concerning.  However, the texture looks a little off for what would be expected.  Ideally when using a laser to remove a wart the goal is to only remove the superficial layer of skin.  Your appearance looks like you may have had a little more than that removed which is why it is healing this way.  Depending on how much it bothers you, you may consider a consultation with a facial plastic surgeon to continue to monitor the healing process and intervene if needed.  

I hope this helps and good luck.  

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