How Can a Polly beak Be Fixed?

This is my second nose job and Im sure ive got a pollybeak, Im going to see my doctor next month for my 9 month post op, he said we'll see what we can do then but for now he wants me to wait, im super anxious to know. 1. Can a pollybeak be fixed in office? 2 what are the options?

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Pollybeak deformity can be improved

A pollybeak can be managed with steroid injections, but sometimes it does require revision surgery to fix it. The different approaches depend on what is causing the raised area. If it is scar tissue, it will respond to steroid injections. Cartilage, on the other hand, will not respond. 


Dr. Richard Zoumalan

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Pollybeak Deformity


Yes pollybeak can be fixed. There are several different types of pollybeak; cartilagenous, soft tissue, and scarring from previous rhinoplasty. Removing the offending tissue in the supratip area will correct the pollybeak. You may also need some tip support as well.

See link below for case studies.




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Polly beak correction

It is best to wait a full year before doing a revision on a poly beak deformity which is due to swelling of the tip, or loss of tip projection, or inadequate septal cartilage resection.  Steroid injections can help a mild poly beak, but often revision is necessary, which would require re opening the nose, and the same type of procedure you had before, but without the need to do any bony surgery ( ie breaking the bones).  Best to work with your sugeon regarding the best approach.

Thomas A. Mustoe, MD, FACS
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Can a Pollybeak be Fixed?

A pollybeak can be fixed; this is accomplished by increasing tip projection and/or lowering the profile line above the tip. Whether it can be done in the office depends on the surgeon's facilities; we have a surgery center adjacent to the office so we do everything in house. 

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Polybeak deformity

Depending on the cause, this can be improved or prevented by steroid injection. If it is due to othet causes than scar formation and it is several months after the surgery, revision may be needed. Follow your surgeon's advice.

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How Can a Polly beak Be Fixed?

     The nature of the polly beak will determine the nature of correction.  I would definitely wait at least a year before a revision as subtle polly beaks are often the result of residual swelling.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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