I Hit my Nose, Is the Swelling Mean Permanent Damage?

Its been 2 days since a "flying" soccer ball landed straight to my nose with a great force. I didnt bleed, nor was I in pain except for the first 2-3 minutes. Theme is, now the left side of the bridge of my nose is a little bit more swollen than the right ( and a bit harder when i touch it). The difference is slight, but still there is. Could you please tell me whether it could be something permanent? If its not, when should I expect the swelling to leave? Im too worried. Thank you in advance.

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Injury to nose

It is very difficult to answer your question without seeing you in person and examining your nose – you should consider seeking medical attention

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Hit my nose is the damage permanent?

Very common question.  As you can imagine without an exam it is very difficult to say.  Just because a nose is swollen it does not mean that the structures like the bone and cartilage are permanently damaged.  An exam and often time will tell

Good Luck

Dr Rahban

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Signs of a nasal fracture include nasal bleeding, nasal swelling, under eye bruising, and a possible change in nasal appearance.

Without nasal bleeding, it's possible you did not fracture your nose, and you may be seeing swelling. For definitive evaluation and treatment, consider visiting a rhinoplasty specialist within the first 10-14 days after your trauma.Wishing you well.Dr Joseph

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Asymmetrical Swelling 2 Days after Nasal Trauma

This swelling will significantly improve over the next week. At that time it will be easier to evaluate your nose. Even if there is a fracture, surgery will not be necessary unless you do not like the appearance of your nose or you have problems with nasal breathing. I suggest you see a specialist now to make sure there was no bleeding within your nose, observe you as healing progresses, determine if there is any permanent injury that can be corrected, and describe alternatives of treatment if that is necessary.

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Nasal Fracture Treatment

It sounds like you need to be examined by a qualified facial plastic surgeon, plastic surgeon, or ENT doctor to evaluate your nose. You may just have swelling associated with trauma but you could also have a nasal fracture.  Some further questions and an examination will help discern this.

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Swelling after nasal trauma

Swelling is maximized 48 hours after trauma in general. As  far as permanent damage you must be evaluated by a Plastic Surgeon to ascertain both if you had a fracture and whether it should be repaired.

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Nasal trauma

How do you know that you did not sustain a nasal fracture?  It might be a good idea to see a plastic surgeon to be evaluated.  It could all be swelling just from the trauma and not from a fracture..

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Trauma to the nose

I would suggest seeing a good qualified surgeon for an evaluation if the swelling does not completely dissipate in a few more days. The surgeon will be able to do an exam and see if there is any fracture of the nasal bones. If there is no fracture then the swelling should go down in days to come and you will be on the road to recovery! If not and you have sustained a nasal fracture then a diagnosis will be made as to whether surgery will be needed to correct the problems. I treat a lot of athletes and this is a common injury in soccer and basketball. Sometimes the trauma results in fracture and other times heals on its own. Best regards!

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Swelling does not mean a broken nose

Definitely not.  If you didn't bleed, it probably isn't broken.  Just ice it over the next few days, and see what it looks like in about a week.

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Swelling after nasal trauma, nasal fracture

Swelling after injury to the nose is always worse at 2-3 days after the injury.

This makes it hard to see if there was an actual fracture. The swelling usually goes down rapidly after 4-7 days, and a qualified surgeon should be able to assess if the bones are displaced and need to be moved back into the correct position. 

I suggest using ice over the bridge of the nose for the next 2-3 days, and seeking a consultation from an experienced surgeon at 7-10 days after the injury to assess whether treatment will be required.

Best wishes,

-Dr. Jamil Asaria, FACE Cosmetic Surgery

Jamil Asaria, MD
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