Scar Tissue or Cartilage Bump Inside Nose After Rhinoplasty, What's The Cause? How to Remove?

It has been 10 months since my rhinoplasty, and I still have either scar tissue or cartilage build-up inside my left nostril. The bump is not visible from the outside, unless you look inside; however, the bump blocks part of the breathing canal in the nostril. What exactly is it and why did it occur? Also, is surgery the only way to remove it?

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Scar Tissue vs Cartiage Inside Nostril Post Rhinoplasty

If the fullness is on the wall of the nostril inside the nose, it probably is scar tissue at the location of the intra-nasal incision made during your rhinoplasty. Steroid injections would be helpful  in reducing the scar but the most definitive treatment would be a relatively simple excision and closure under local anesthesia. After an examination your surgeon will describe the cause and alternative treatments.

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Nostril bump/irregularity after rhinoplasty

The most common reasons that I have seen a bump or swelling inside of the nostrils are:

-Thickened scar tissue along the incision-line in the nostril

-Cartilage that is malpositioned or inadequately supported after surgery

Both of these problems usually require a short surgery if it has been over a year since your procedure.

Steroids can help if the problem is related to scar, but their benefit is not high after six months.

I hope that helps.

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Bump after rhinoplasty

so hard to tell without a photo. 

i understand it is inside your nose but again some sort of exam is needed to give you the best info.

it could be scar, it could be a graft, it could be the septum.

if it is still there at 10 months - it is unlikley it will go away on its own.

surgery would depend on what it actually is.

what does your surgeon say?

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