Hit my Nose About 4 Weeks Post Op Rhinoplasty...did I Cause Damage?

So this coming tuesday I will be 4 weeks post op rhinoplasty. I was at work on Saturday and a little girl hit the tip of my nose from a downward angle. It hurt for a second but I didn't bleed and it doesn't hurt now. Did I damage or hurt my nasal bones? I am really worried and since this happened over the weekend I won't be able to talk to my PS until tomorrow.

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The nose is very stable for weeks after rhinoplasty.

It's unlikely that the trauma to your nose undid anything accomplished by the operation. The nose for weeks after a rhinoplasty is extremely stable. If you have any questions you need to check in with your surgeon.

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Trauma to the nose 4 weeks post op

It is difficult to know if you did any damage to your nose.  If you see any evidence of an external change or deviation of your nose you should check with your surgeon.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Damage to nose?

It is unlikely that you damaged your nose from a "run-in" with a child.  But if you are concerned you should talk to you surgeon.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Trauma after rhinoplasty

After 4 weeks, it takes a significant trauma to the nose to really change anything. I would see your surgeon and have him or her examine you. 


Dr. Richard Zoumalan

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Hit my Nose About 4 Weeks Post Op Rhinoplasty...did I Cause Damage?

 You might want to just tell your Rhinoplasty Surgeon what happened and get his/her advice but if it din't bleed or swell it's most likely OK.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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