Can a Hit Cause a Permanent Dorsal Hump?

I was hit in the nose two days ago. Not extremely hard, but hard enough for it to be a little sore. It now looks like I have a subtle dorsal hump. Is this just swelling or is it going to permanently be like this? Also, it feels like there is a slight pressure where the hump is. I'm hoping the hump is just swelling, but it feels like bone.

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Injury can cause a saddle deformity

Injury to the bridge of the nose can cause a small dorsal hump even without breaking the bones.  This can result from the upper lateral cartilages and septum getting separated from the bone and 'falling in' thus making the bony part of the nose appear to be sticking out.  This can be corrected with cartilage grafting.

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Trauma causing a permanent dorsal hump

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Lots of people come into my office and tell me that they never had a hump until they had an injury as a child and then the noticed a hump from then on.  Truth is that you are unlikely to develop a sizable hump as a result of hitting your nose and most of what you see is indeed swelling HOWEVER sometimes you get a little bleeding over the bone and when it heals it forms some scar tissue and I do believe that can lead to a small hump therefore I recommend gentle paper taping of all my patients who hit there noses.

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Traumatic dorsal hump

A temporary hump can form after trauma due to skin swelling and will usually resolve within weeks. A permanent hump may form if the cartilaginous support of the nose is fractured inward, making the bony supports appear more prominent. These may be repaired in 6-12 weeks with a rhinoplasty procedure.

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Signs of a nasal fracture include nasal bleeding, nasal swelling, under eye bruising, and a possible change in nasal appearance.

Dorsal humps may result from a nasal fracture, but in some cases, there may be transient swelling at the point of impact for several weeks. Consider consulting with a reputable rhinoplasty specialist for evaluation. Thank you. Dr Joseph

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Trauma to the nose

The only way to remove a dorsal hump is with rhinoplasty surgery. A dorsal hump can be just something you are born with or they can develop following trauma to the nose. If the hump is due to cartilage then this can not be filed down with a nasal rasp. If it is bone then filing it down is possible.

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Trauma to the nose leading to bumps in the nose

Bumps in the nose (especially the bridge) can happen after trauma.

At the beginning, it is hard to tell if the bump if permanent or just swelling. Ice packs can help decrease the swelling.  The first two weeks after the trauma, the nasal bones can still be moved by the surgeon if they were fracture and this can often solve the problem. If the bump persist after a month, surgery might be necessary. 

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Nasal trauma and resulting bump

Bumps after trauma to the nose are common.  There is no way to determine if the bump is permanent until the swelling goes down.  If you ice it 20 minutes on, 40 minutes off each hour for 3-4 days, the swelling will abate and you will be able to tell if there is likely to be a residual bump.  This will be within the 2 week period that the nasal bones are mobile in the event that there was a bony fracture.

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Dorsal Hump Caused by Trauma

It is in fact possible for a traumatic event such as a hard hit as you describe in your post to cause a “hump” to appear. The pressure of the impact can cause a separation between your bone and your nose’s septum, causing a hump-like appearance. I would advise that you try not to worry about your situation while your nose heals, as the condition might fix itself. However, if the dorsal hump persists, consulting a board certified plastic surgeon will help you more thoroughly evaluate your options. 

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Permanent Hump After Nasal Trauma

One can have an increase in the nasal prominence from scar tissue after nasal trauma or fracture. If it has not resolved in 3-6 months, I would seek a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with expertise in rhinoplasty.

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Dorsal Hump Injury

Nasal trauma is an extremely common phenomenon. These injuries are frequently accompanied by rapid onset of swelling and may result in bleeding. It can be very difficult to differentiate isolated soft tissue swelling from fractures of the nasal bones in the immediate post injury period. For this reason, it may take time for a determination to be made. After approximately two weeks, the swelling should resolve and the extent of the injury should be clear.

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