Healing Time - Deep Plane Lift Vs. SMAS Lift?

Is the healing time different btwn a deep plane and a smas lift?

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Facelift Healing time SMAS Lift vs Deep Plane

The simple answer is yes the deep plane technique takes a lot longer to recover from most other facelift techniques including SMAS face lift techniques like the MACS lift and LiteLift. There is a good reason most facelift surgeons do not use the deep plane technique: long recovery, increased complication rate, and many other negative factors. It is however a great technique in the right hands but losing popularity because other facelift procedures also give great results with less risk and morbidity. The tingling and numbness can occur after many different types of face lifts, but prolonged swelling seems to be part of the recovery process in a deep plane technique that can last several weeks.

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Healing time after a facelift

Comparing the recovery time between a deep plane and SMAS lift in my experience is about the same. Choose the procedure for the final result, not for decreased recovery time, in the long run, you want the best procedure. You will not remember if it took 2 or 3 weeks for the swelling to subside.

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Healing Time and Recovery Time with Face Lift

Hi Lizza,

The recovery and healing time would depend on the type of surgery, the extent of surgery, and how each procedure is done.

Deep plane Facelift is just a kind of SMAS lift. There are a variety of other types of Facelift procedures such as bi-planar lift, MACS lift, endoscopic and superiosteal Facelift.

The most important aspect of the face lift procedure is not the kind of Facelift that is being done. The most important criteria to consider is the final result that can be achieved. You plastic surgeon should discuss all available options after hearing your goals and desires that you would like to achieve with surgery.

We show pictures at a variety of stages of healing. Each procedure is custom-designed and individualized based on patient's anatomy and desired result.

Generally speaking, deep plane face lift creates more swelling and requires longer healing time. The good news is that there are very good alternative options that can give you good result without extended recovery time.

Hope this was helpful.

Dr. Sajjadian

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Deep plane vs SMAS facelift

I think a deep plane has more swelling than a standard of high SMAS facelift.  But again this can vary from patient to patient.

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Deep plane lift requires longer healing time than SMAS lift

A deep plane lift is a much more invasive and extensive type of a lift, which means increased swelling and a prolonged period of being swollen. 

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There are many definitions of a SMAS facelift

Each surgeon's definition of a SMAS lift varies. The Deep plane is one version of a SMAS lift. This usually takes longer to heal from than a simple SMAS lift for my patients. However, the Deep Plane Facelift results also last longer. More extensive SMAS surgeries such as a bi-planer or extended SMAS have equal healing time and often results as a Deep Plane lift.

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Healing Time - Deep Plane Lift Vs. SMAS Lift?

I will kindly advise you not to care about the time of recovery too much, as it will not make great difference, wether it takes you 3 or five weeks. As all the candidate do, you will forget all about the healing, and only the result will be an importance.
As it is a great number of techniques called Deep plane facelift and SMAS, it is difficult to discuss recovery time. Generally speaking, the Deep plane facelift is a more invasive surgical procedure , with prolonged swelling and longer healing time accordingly.

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Deep Plane vs. SMAS: Different Applications and Recovery

A large number of facelift variants are currently available for treating facial aging. Each of these procedures is unique and has specific indications. Both the deep plane facelift and SMAS facelifts have been used extensively for facial rejuvenation. The deep plane facelift is a much more aggressive surgical procedure than the SMAS facelift. For this reason, this procedure is associated with prolonged swelling and longer recovery times.

Healing Time - Deep Plane Lift Vs. SMAS Lift?

The healing time for a smas facelift is brief at 1-2 weeks. A deep plane may be slightly longer due to more extensive dissection.

Healing Time by Type of Facelift

A Deep Plane Lift is one of many facelift techniques. If by SMAS lift you mean MACS lift, or SMAS plication lift, then yes, the Deep Plane typically has a little longer recovery time. When I say longer, I mean about a week and not months.

Keep in mind, however, that there are several nuances to each labeled technique, so it's best to ask your board-certified surgeon for the details (and more importantly results) of his/her preferred operation.

Michael Kim, MD

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