Can my Healed Broken Crooked Nose Only be Straightened via Surgery?

Hi. About 6 months ago I believe I broke my nose. There was a crack and a little swelling. It was only made a little crooked though, and since I'm young and uninsured I didn't go to the doctor. About a month ago I fell and my nose became more crooked. On the left side it's risen and has a bump, giving the appearance that my nose isnt straight. My breathing isnt affected,but I don't want to live with the way my nose now looks. Can a doctor rebreak and straighten my nose, or is surgery only option?

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Treatment of Broken, Crooked Nose 1 Month Injury

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It is very unlikely a surgeon can significantly improve your cooked nose with a bump by digitally manipulating the bones1 month after the injury. Unfortunately, surgery is probably the only alternative but a much better result will be achieved.

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Broken nose straightening

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If it's only a month since your second injury, then you still may be swollen.  Without a picture it's impossible to properly advise you.

However:  Being a month after injury, I would suggest now leaving it for at least 6 months in the hope that with swelling reduction your nose will look acceptable.

If it still is crooked but only very mildly so, it's possible that fillers ( an injectable treatment)  might be enough to improve the appearance of symmetry.

If it is obviously and significantly crooked then there is no way of correcting it other than surgery.

If you are happy to post a good picture of your nose, more specific advice can be provided for you.

Good luck.

Rebreaking the Nose for Rhinoplasty

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I'm sorry that your nose has been damaged twice in just six months. Re-breaking and re-setting your nose is actually considered surgery and is a normal part of the rhinoplasty procedure. A facial plastic surgeon who has expertise in reshaping noses can take a look and advise you on your best course. I hope this helps.

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A crooked nasal appearance may be improved with both rhinoplasty and nonsurgical rhinoplastic procedures.

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Depressions on one side of the nasal bridge may lead to a crooked appearance and in our practice, micro droplet Silikon-1000 treatments may be permanent nonsurgical solutions for many people. Some people require rhinoplasty surgery to reposition their nasal fractures. Consider consulting with a rhinoplasty specialist so you could see what might be best for you. Thank you. Dr Joseph

Eric M. Joseph, MD
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Reconstructive Rhinoplasty... Maybe a good option for you.

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The correction of displaced nasal fractures usually always requires surgical intervention.When these fractures are recent, they can usually be treated with a closed nasal reduction.Fractures of longer duration usually require a formal rhinoplasty.
In this situation, a closed nasal reduction might have limited success for several reasons.This procedure may not be effective in a fracture that’s four weeks old.In addition, closed reduction might not impact the changes associated with the first older fracture.
Under these circumstances, a reconstructive rhinoplasty in combination with a septal realignment may be necessary.This procedure shouldn’t be performed for at least six to nine months following the most recent injury.
No two patients are exactly alike and for this reason treatment plans should be individualized.It’s therefore important to consult a board certified plastic surgeon who can perform a comprehensive evaluation and formulate an appropriate treatment plan.

Crooked nose

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By definition fixed bony or cartilaginous deformities can only be changed by phusical reshaping-surgery. No pill, spray or injection will do this. Crookrd or deviated noses are challenging and you should consult with a rhinoplasty surgeon comfortable with this problem and both internal and external nasal surgery.

Michael L. Schwartz, MD
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Can my Healed Broken Crooked Nose Only be Straightened via Surgery?

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It will require a Rhinoplasty and osteotomies to re-break and re-allign the nasal bones and cartilage.   There is no way or manipulating the nose externally once the breaks are healed and IMHO, this closed reduction procedure has an exceedingly high failure rate (nose is still crooked) even when done before the nose heals.

Does Broken Nose Require Surgery to Correct

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Yes, a doctor can rebreak your nose to straighten it but it can only be done with any accuracy by operating. It may be as simple as recreating the break and aligning and splinting the nose. It may also require attention to the nasal septum which is frequently dislocated or fractured along with the nasal bones. An unrepaired septum made lead to less than satisfactory results with the reduction of the nasal bones so make sure this is checked out as well. Best of luck  Dr Harrell

Nasal correction after trauma

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If your nasal bones were altered after trauma and are not straight the only way to straighten the nose is to straighten the nose. If your nose is re broken and straightened that is surgery.

Correcting crooked nose

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By about 6 weeks after breaking the nose the nasal bone have reset in their new position. As a result, in order to straighten the deviation after that point would involve creating controlled bone fractures (osteotomies) to reposition the nasal bones.

If you reinjured your nose 1 month ago it may be possible to reposition the bones without performing osteotomies though it can be difficult that far out from the injury.

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