No Change After Gyno Surgery. How Long Should I Wait?

Hi there, I had Gyno surgery last week (3rd of June) to have the glands removed. Before surgery as well as having a large chest I also had very pointed nipples, I am now a week post surgery and although the pointed nipples are gone the actual breast like shapes on my chest still look as they did before the surgery? I am aware there would be swelling but my chest doesnt look swollen, just as it was before! Is it likely to be swelling and if so when would I be likely to see any changes? Thanks

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It can take up to three months to see your complete results. It is way too early. There should be some difference at a week. Follow up with your PS

No Change After Gyno Surgery

Sorry for your disappointment regarding the initial stage. However you are very early in the healing process and it is too early to assess the results. Voice your concerns to your surgeon, and observe the change over the next 3 to 6 months.

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Gynecomastia Results

Thank you for your question.

You are still early in the recovery process so I would ask that you be patient regarding your results.  Best to keep your follow up appointments with your surgeon and maybe seeing your before and after photos side by side may help you see the difference after surgery.

Best wishes.

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