Why Does my Chest Still Look Like I Have Gyno After Gyno Surgery?

Hello my name is Michael I live in terre haute IN. 10 months ago I had a true case of gyno on left side of pectoral and went to Dr. Colman in Indianapolis to have it removed. I'm in perfect shape I workout and yet It still looks like I have gyno.. It's not quite as big but still very noticeable, my nipple is as big as it was per surgery. Could it be the scar tissue inside or the dr didn't do a good job? Will I need nipple reduction? My dr swears it will go down by itself?.. Thank you for advice

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Without a before and after picture it’s hard to give you accurate advice. You need to be seen by your PS to determine that. The swelling does take time about 9-12 months for it to subside.


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