Post Gynecomastia Surgery: What Can Be Done to Completely Smoothern Scar Tissue Out? (photo)

I've had gynecomastia surgury about 1.5 years ago. However, the skin is uneven and pumpy around one side of the pectural. This is particularly evident in various light angels. Also, holding each arm stretched directly out at each side, reveals a pumpy line either side where the surgon has come in to assit around the nipple area. As someone interested in bodybuilding, my concern is when i lower my body fat to say 8%, the surgery will become very evident. What can be done to completely smoothern..

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Post Gynecomastia Surgery: What Can Be Done to Completely Smoothern Scar Tissue Out?

Hi realselfquests,

Thanks for the post and photo. It is difficult to advise without examining you. However, if the area is firm then it is either scar tissue or residual gland tissue. If the area was normal right after surgery and then became firm and raised then it is likely scar tissue. If the area was firm and raised right after surgery then it may be residual breast tissue. If it is scar tissue then massage and possibly kenalog injections may reduce it. If that doesn't work then surgery to excise it would be the option. If it is residual breast tissue then it would need to be removed surgically.

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Post Gynecomastia Surgery: What Can Be Done to Completely Smoothern Scar Tissue Out? (photo)

The contour irregularity seen in this photo is likely not going to resolve or change much at this point since you are 1.5 years out from your surgery.  You may require some touch up liposuction to smooth out the contour.  See a board certified plastic surgeon in your area.  Good luck and be safe.

John T. Nguyen, MD, FACS, FICS
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Without physically examining you it’s hard to be more accurate. In our practice we like to tell our patients to message the area. Either deep tissue message by a specialist or you can do it yourself. Messaging helps break the scar tissue down, it’s not guaranteed that it will fix the problem being that it’s been 1 year already, but you can try it.


Stuart B. Kincaid, MD, FACS (in memoriam)
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