I think my nipples are puffy and too large. Do I have Gynecomastia? (Photos)

My nipples are neither sensitive not do they have a bump behind them. They're just puffy and look way too big, but does it look like I have gynecomastia? Could I possibly have pseudogynecomastia? I can even go so far as to pull my nipple out extremely far from my body.

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Puffy nipples

Technically speaking you do not have gynecomastia which is enlargement of the male breast tissue. You do however have a mild case of herniated nipple areola complex or "puffy nipples". Your nipples themselves look pretty normal however there appears to be mild puffiness or protrusion of the areolae (the pink skin surrounding the nipple itself). This can be seen in the male or female breast. You may notice that this puffy area is not so puffy when you are cold and the tiny muscles behind the areola skin are contracted. This tightens the overlying pink skin and pushes back the puffiness. 
This condition can be improved by removing a small amount of the breast tissue that lives behind this weak areola however it does not always fix the whole problem because it doesn't necessarily tighten or strengthen the areola skin. 

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