What is your experience with you Facial Fat Transfer patients over the years? How does transferred fat age?

I'm interested in getting fat transfer at a younger age (27). I feel it will stave off early aging, as my face is mostly soft tissue and it's obvious as I lose face fat with age. I prefer my baby face look. I was wondering how this fat will act 10 years from now? What is your experience with your patients? Does the transferred fat disappear with age, like original fat? I read a woman who said her fat migrated to her lower face after 3 years. I feel she was mistaking that for regular midface loss

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What is your experience with you Facial Fat Transfer patients over the years? How does transferred fat age?

I have been doing fat grafting for 25 years. grafted fat is not like a filler. It lives and is dynamic. It gains weight as  the part of the body it came from.

So if you are 27 and thin, it might look good. By 47 you are a little stocky and by 52 you are distinctly overweight the fat grows, It almost never looks good and is difficult to remove, though it can be improved some. You can't go home again. The problem,  like many things in life is balancing a short term gain against a long term problem. Kind of like silicone injections. They can look good early on and terrible years later.

 This has very long term consequences and if it were me, I would stick with fillers.

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Aging of Facial Fat Grafts over the Years

I have been a proponent of facial fat grafting for over 25 years. While experienced surgeons have reported irregular growth of these grafts if the patient gains weight later in life this has not been my experienced. However, I ALWAYS discuss this possibility with my patients.

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Experience with facial fat grafting.

I've used fat grafting with my facelift procedures for years but rarely placed fat alone.  This makes interpretation of results somewhat more vague and uncertain.  What I have seen is a multi year benefit of skin texture, color and wrinkling from fat grafting, presumably due to the 1% of contained stem cells.  Avoidance of excess on the part of the surgeon and avoidance (if possible) of substantial weight shifts on your part will make the procedure more beneficial over the long term.    I agree with Dr. Lambros that the simplicity, reliability and reversibility of facial filler injections should make them appealing to most patients who are not yet surgical candidates.  With a facelift procedure, enhancement of the malar eminences and filling of cheek hollowing, prejpwl depressions and even chin enhancement and jaw line enhancement are good uses for fat grafting.  Best wishes,

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What is your experience with you Facial Fat Transfer patients over the years?

I've done fat transfer for over twenty five years. If the procedure was done correctly what is there at 4 months will be there for decades. Transferred fat does not migrate. But no procedure including fat transfer will stop you from getting older or gaining weight. As we age all Individuals will lose fat and volume in areas such as the upper cheeks and the chin and gain fat in the jowls and sub-mental area.

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Getting a Fuller face with facial fillers (Voluma, Restylane, Juvederm), implants or fat

This is tough to answer, because I can't predict how you will age, which is based on a number of factors. You can improve facial volume with fillers, which may be temporary, but will give you the look you're going for. I recommend a formal evaluation with a facial contouring expert to go over your options. Best, Dr. Emer

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