Is it bad to drink through a straw after fat grafting?

Had full facial fat transfer 3 days ago, including lips. Because of the swelling I find it more comfortable to drink through a straw. I wonder would it be bad for the fat grafts since I think that uses the lip and buccal muscles? I find icing or a cold shower after a hot shower helps reduce swelling but would that hinder fat survival? I dont want to take chances as this is already my second fat transfer. The first one did not take as well as I want it to. Thanks

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Getting the Best Results After Facial Fat Transfer/Grafting

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Yes, you can drink through a straw. If you have any concerns about aftercare protocols, I suggest contacting your Dr. Best, Dr. Emer

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Drinking through a straw after fat grafting

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There is no official right or wrong answer to your question. It's my opinion that you are better off avoiding pursing your lips, which contributes to vertical lip wrinkles, not just while you heal, but indefinitely.

Daniel Lensink, MD
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