Would pressure cause fat to migrate?

10 days out from fat transfer. I had fat done to the back of the jaw behind jowls. Because of the swelling one side looked bigger than the other and I pressed on it but not very hard. Now I worry if what I done could move the fat to my jowl since its so close to that area. Sometimes I accidentally sleep on my side and immediately jerk awake. Can't relax. Emailed my doctor and he said it is unlikely for fat to migrate although he can't be sure. What is your opinion?

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It is unlikely for fat to migrate 10 days after surgery

It is unlikely for fat to migrate 10 days after surgery.  Facial fat transfer is performed in tiny droplets winning the tissue. The tissue has integrity. Especially many days later, the droplets have integrated – it is unlikely for you to be able to move them. 

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Would pressure cause fat to migrate?

It takes much pressure to cause injected fat to migrate so follow your surgeons instructions and wait for the swelling to resolve. 

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Fat Transfer

Thank you for posting your question. It is unlikely for the fat to move because of something you do. Swelling is normal and expected at this point, and it is totally normal for the two sides of face to have different amount of swelling. On average, half of the transferred fat is eventually reabsorbed. It takes months for your body to readjust and settle into its final shape after any procedure. Be patient and continue following up with your physician. Best of luck.

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No migration!--Fat Transfer Facts

It is unlikely that anything you did will cause the fat to migrate at this point after your procedure. If you remain concerned, follow-up again with your Dr. Best, Dr. Emer

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