I am experiencing numbness across the bridge of my nose up through my eyebrows after upper eyelid surgery. Is this normal?

Will this go away? It has been 3 months since the surgery.

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No not normal.

This sounds like a sensory nerve injury.  While this can occur, it is hard to think how this might have come about with standard blepharoplasty.  It is more likely when the surgeon also attempt to weaken the muscle that make the 11 lines at the time of surgery.  This type of procedure is advocated by some but can not be considered a standard surgical maneuver with upper eyelid surgery.  Generally, sensory nerve injuries have an amazing capacity to recover.  However, if the numbness does not recover by 6 months, it is unlikely to recover. Also the recovered sensation may incompletely recover.  

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Numbness after eyelid surgery

Numbness over the nose and above the brows is unusual after eyelid surgery, but may indicate injury to the supratrochlear nerves. If there was dissection through the lid incision up to the procerus and the corrugators numbness could occur in this area. You may experience some improvement over time (6 months or more). If you have any return of sensation in the area within the 3 months of healing, that may be a sign of more recovery to come. However, if you feel there is no improvement at all since your surgery, the sensation may not return. Continue with your follow-up examinations, and ask your surgeon for input. Best wishes.

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This is highly unusual after an upper eyelid blepharoplasty.  It sounds as if the supratrochlear nerves were injured during the procedure.  Were the corrugator muscles along the upper brow transected during the procedure?  

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