Would infra orbital rim implants be sufficient to fix my eye area? (photo)

My eyes have a noticeably negative canthal tilt as well as scleral show. Could this be due to my negative infra orbital vector? If yes what would your estimation of a cost generally be? Thank you in advance.

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Infraorbital Rim-Malar Implants

While you only showed a front view picture you undoubtably have a negative orbital vector. This is a result of an underlying skeletal deficiency that extends beyond just the inferior orbital rims. It involves the cheekbone as well as the inferior orbital rims,. The best correction comes from a customed designed orbital-malar implant designed from a 3D CT scan.

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Infra orbital implants

Without seeing your face in profile it is impossible to address your question specific to your face. However, I will  say that implants are unlikely to address all your concerns. Your cheek/malar volume can more easily be enhanced with a hyaluronic acid filler placed deep on the bone. Fillers run in the $500-$600 range for a syringe depending on the product. Seek out a consultation with a facial plastic surgeon/plastic surgeon/oculoplastic surgeon with experience addressing these concerns to get a complete assessment and guidance on how to best address your goals.

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What can be done for my eyelids?

I recommend against using implants for your problem. You're better off having Restylane injected  beneath your eyelids to enhance your cheek region and elevate your eyelids. See a specialist who deals with this particular part of the face. Best of luck. 

James R. Gordon, MD, FACS, FAAO
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