E-Cigarette Vapor After Rhinoplasty?

Would inhaling second hand vapor from an e-cigarette affect my results or prolong my swelling after rhinoplasty? I'm about 9 weeks post op and have a roommate who is really into vaping so I tend to get a lot of second hand smoke or vapor or whatever you wanna call it. He uses 3MG nicotine liquid. Also I took a drag of his vape (peer pressure), but didn't inhale the vapor. Is that okay? I'm really concerned about this so please let me know if this could affect the outcome of my surgery.

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Vaping and rhinoplasty healing

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Great question, and one that is becoming increasingly more common.  Whether you inhale or not, smoke (or in this case, high temperature vapor) enters the oral and nasal cavities. This can certainly increase the irritation of the healing areas (particularly if you had any internal nasal work done or had an endonasal closed rhinoplasty).  This is most important during that first month of healing.  Afterwards, while it can certainly prolong the irritation, it is unlikely to affect your long term outcome.  That being said, everyone responds differently.  The only way to know if there are any issues in healing is through physical exam and evaluating the nasal cavity.  I suggest you contact your operating physician and they will be more than happy to go over your questions in full detail.  Best of luck and enjoy your new nose! 

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9 weeks post

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At 9 weeks I do not think this will make much difference to your final result - it may cause more prolonged congestion however - in addition swelling of the tip may be more prolonged 

Vape smoke after rhinoplasty

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Any irritant will have an increased potential for irritation after surgery.  By nine weeks out you should be pretty much recovered as far as your mucous membranes are concerned, but residual inflammation may still be present.  You should avoid smoke, primary or secondary, including vapor.  Neglecting this advice will not ruin your results but it may prolong congestion, runny nose, and other symptoms of recovering (and not yet fully healed) mucous membranes.

Vape with Rhinoplasty

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taking one puff of a vapor cigarette will not cause any issues. The only issue that you have with cigarette use after rhinoplasty is the nicotine constricts the blood vessels causing a limited resolution of swelling of the tip of the nose. I highly recommend that you try to limit your exposure to secondhand smoke while you're in the recovery phase. Speak to your doctor about any other treatments that you can do to lower the inflammation of the nose. I hope this answer helps. 

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