Is It Common That a Fascia Graft for Nose Will Dissolve In Time?

Hello , I had very bad irregularities due to a bad rhinoplasty and as a result I had to have it corrected with fascia grafting . I'm concerned as I feel my nose is too fat now as a result of all the tissue grafting , it also feels very spongy to touch . Is it true that fascia grafts dissolve with time ? My surgeon thinks not , but I'm interested In hearing other surgeons view on this ? Thanks very much

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Fascia Grafting and Rhinoplasty Surgery

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I happen to use temporal fascia grafting on a regular basis as part of my rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty practice here in San Diego, CA. It is quite normal for upwards of 9-12 months after surgery to see moderate swelling just from the fascia grafting. It can in many cases act like a biological sponge absorbing fluid before it truly settles down and shrink wraps around the nose. This can often times lead to that spongy feel you described. In most cases of temporal fascia grafting in rhinoplasty, the graft itself will not dissolve away. The intention is that it is placed to cushion your normal skin so that contour irregularities like you had will be camouflaged away. Hope this helps in your understanding and expectation. 

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Fascia Grafts in Revision Rhinoplasty

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Fascia grafts are an excellent material to camouflage irregular nasal contour - I have used them for years. These grafts may feel soft for a short time post-op. You do not mention when your revision was done, but  the texture will improve over time. These grafts will not dissolve.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Fascia graft for nose

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Fascia grafts are often placed in revision nasal surgery to add a layer to the already thinned skin. It may feel spongy for several months, but usually settles down.

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Will fascia dissolve after rhinoplasty?

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Is the fascia yours? If it is your own tissue it is less likely to dissolve then if it is a commercial product.  Overcorrection with excess fascia is rare; if there is truly too much tissue then a revision will be needed but I would wait a full year before considering this as revision surgery in this situation is typically challenging.

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