Is It Theoretically Possible To Stretch Nose Cartilage Permanently LIke People Do With Their Ears?

Is it theoretically possible to stretch the cartilage on the nose permanently? I heard that people stretch the cartilage on their ears.

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Theoretically Possible to Stretch Nasal Cartilage?

Theoretically it is possible to stretch nasal cartilage, by why and for what purpose? It would be a lot easier and less traumatic to harvest cartilage from another part of the body.

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Is it possible to stretch nose cartilage as people do with their ears?

Thank you for your interesting question. It is NOT possible to stretch the ear cartilage.  The part of the ear that is being stretched is the ear lobe which consists of soft tissue. As plastic surgeons we commonly stretch soft tissues in various parts of the body and that could include the soft tissues of the nose however the cartilage of the nose can not be stretched. 

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Is It Theoretically Possible To Stretch Nose Cartilage Permanently LIke People Do With Their Ears?

Yes, it is theoretically possible and one reason that both consumers and Rhinoplasty Surgeons understand and follow the proper aesthetics of facial (and nasal) beauty before having a Rhinoplasty or any aesthetic medical treatment, procedure or surgery.

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Stretch nose

Anything is possible in theory but specifically with regards to your question I have never heard it be performed successfully.

Can cartilage stretch?

Well, in a way.  People have long believed that the ears and nose grow as we age.  That's not quite accurate.  The soft tissues of the ears and nose do droop with age making them look larger.  People have reshaped cartilage with pressure devices, etc. without surgery.  This takes tons of time and discomfort.  In the nose, after surgery there are some tape and clip techniques sometimes used to maintain a shape to the nose.

Can you stretch out the cartilage of the nose? No.  You can graft cartilage into the nose.

Hope that was helpful

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